How to get the best from a booking with an escort

Certainly, the most assured way to get the best from the escort you have just booked with here at AJ London Escorts is not to annoy her. After that, depending on how good your charm offensive is, the service can go from excellent to totally fabulous. Your girl will be 100 percent professional and skilled throughout of course, but the rest really is down to you. Here are some tips that will make sure you don’t put a foot wrong next time you meet with a jaw-droppingly gorgeous escort: Never regularly check your watch

Checking your watch with any woman is a real turn-off. It makes them feel you’re either planning ahead and wanting something over with or, in the escort’s case that you’re checking to make sure you can pack as much of an experience in to make sure you get your money’s worth. Take it from us, neither reason is commendable!

Never boast about how great you are in bed!

Just because she works as an escort, it doesn’t mean she wants to hear all about your sexual conquests. In fact, like most women, quite the contrary. She may find out soon enough anyway just how true your statement is anyhow and chances are, she’ll have seen or experienced better…

Always turn up to meet your escort on time

Some people are just perpetually late – even by 10 minutes – and if that’s you, then think very carefully about the exact time you can meet your escort at. That’s because turning up late for an appointment with an AJ Escort isn’t just rude; it’s also cutting short the time you have with her. She probably won’t be able to add on the 10 minutes to your meeting at the end because she’s likely booked to meet another client. And she certainly won’t reduce the fee by 10 minutes; she was ready at the appointed time so why should her income suffer?

Don’t call her Babes, Sweetie or Honeybunch during your meeting

Your last girlfriend may have loved hearing pet names but we bet your AJ Escort won’t. She is a professional, after all, with her own business and clients that she attends to in a detailed and skilled manner. To be given ‘little girl names’ can prove quite demeaning and she may feel it’s even lacking in respect. That’s not to say that you can’t compliment her for having lovely long legs or the most beautiful dark brown eyes ever, of course, because these are more personal, you’ve obviously thought about them and she recognises you are sincere.

Don’t ask her out on a date afterwards

Even if you’ve had the most amazing time with your escort – and, if she works with us here at AJ Escorts then you will have – don’t delude yourself that you can meet with her later on a social basis. Escorting is her business and she will never mix business and pleasure. It wouldn’t be fair to ask her either. She’ll have to turn you down and it could burst that happiness bubble of yours. It could also make things a lot more awkward in the future.

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