The Most Frequently Asked Questions At AJ London Escorts

Escorting is a huge industry and the amount of escorts and clients that keep this industry moving every year is incredible. Escorting isn't seasonal at all as clients want escorts all year round but have you ever wondered if escorts want clients all year round?

What turns her on? How does an escort prepare for her booking? Is she excited about her booking or does she get nerves before arriving? Do escorts have a preference when it comes to clients or a type? You've probably had all these questions pop into your head at some point, especially if you've booked an escort it's hard not to wonder what she thinks of you. Does she like you? Is she happy she's seeing you today instead of someone else?

We don't blame anyone for having these thoughts at all but when it comes to escorts, they are as mysterious and beautiful as anything can be and it's a little hard for us all not to wonder every now and then about what they enjoy, what they want to do and how they feel doing what they do.

So we thought today we could go over some typically asked questions by clients towards escorts and escort agencies.


So let's start with a pretty common question that is asked which is:

Do Escorts Use Their Real Names?

Well, the short answer is no. Most escorts use a sort of stage name or an 'escort' name which allows them to operate safely without clients trying to research her online and find her personal pages. Keeping a stage name is just a precaution for many escorts and avoids them also having the same names on pages.

Sorry to disappoint you but most escorts aren't born with names like Angel or Mercedes. Many escorts choose short simple names to remember and pronounce such as Mya and Kim and although some escorts may use they're real many of them use a stage name.


Do Escorts Use Their Real Age

Some escorts admit to shaving a couple years off their age but in general, escorts are truthful about how many candles they're burning because escorting is largely about understanding people have different fetishes, fantasies and preferences and not everybody wants a 21-year-old blonde or a 35-year-old brunette.

Lying about your age drastically does nothing for escorts as clients prefer different ages of women and it doesn't really matter enough or affect bookings enough to lie about age.


How Many Clients Do Escorts See A Day

Contrary to many peoples perception of the companionship industry escorts aren't meeting clients back to back. Although admittedly many people confuse companionship with other similar but far less elite industries, escorts aren't busy with back to back bookings.

Although some escorts do tend to work harder most escorts have a couple clients a day and only work during specific hours on specific days. Of course if you want to be as busy as possible the opportunity to earn more money is there, but in general, escorts are not meeting clients every hour.


Why Do Some Women Become Escorts?

Unlike the horror stories Hollywood likes to tell, or again, the confusion of mixing up companionship with an industry less elite is the reason many people have strong negative connotations surrounding the companionship industry.

Granted many of these negative stigmas are slowly disappearing as the years go on and as people become more sexually open, escorts are not, and we're proud to say, forced into this industry. Many escorts choose to be escorts usually because they fell into it from receiving a payment for a service, or they thought about it for a long time before finally entering or they simply just needed more money to fund university, rent or children.

The reasons vary from escort to escort but most typically it's to do with the freedom escorting enables as well as the financial freedom that is available. The reasons are quite simple and contrary to what many men think, it doesn't have much to do with sex, although admittedly for many escorts this is a bonus.


Do escorts Tell Friends & Families?

Typically many escorts choose to keep the companion side of their life private. This is simply to avoid any awkward conversations or to avoid damaging any long-lasting relationships.

Escorts come from all walks of life, from different backgrounds and carry with them different perspectives on sexuality and life and for some escorts keeping their true identity concealed and not sharing there occupation with friends and family is a far simpler solution than confronting a situation that could damage relationships.

Also whether an escort tells her friends and family or not doesn't affect her performance as an escort and shouldn't really be a question on your mind. If she's gorgeous and waiting for you, focus on that.

We recently covered more of your most frequently asked questions at AJ London Escorts on a blog post so feel free to see if we answered anymore of your questions over there,

Thanks for reading, and happy booking!