Adventurous Escort Services You Need To Try

Every single person who books an escort has their very own reason for seeking companionship services. It might be your lonely, bored of a long term relationship and want to inject fun into your love life or it could be you just want to indulge in one of your sexual fantasies with a girl who knows exactly how to make the experience the very best it can be for yourself.

Everybody has sexual fantasies. Whoever said they don't is clearly lying. Whether our fantasies are vanilla or extremely obscure there is no denying we all experience fantasies at different levels and we all have our own different things that turn us on.

Dr Justin Lehimiller is a sex therapist and while researching for his book 'Tell Me What You Want' Dr Lehimiller interviewed up to 4175 Americans to find out there sexual preferences and fantasies and to see if there were any emerging patterns. From his research.

 Dr Justin Lehimiller concluded there are 7 most common fantasies most of us experience or think about in our lifetime, but you don't want us to go through all 14. So today we thought we would go through some of of the most popular sexual fantasies that people come to our agency asking for.

Three Of A Kind:

Threesomes are one of the most common fantasies in the world and other studies have shown it's one of the top three fantasies for males. Dr Lehimiller found a massive 89% of people had fantasized about being in a threesome and of the 89% who had spouses, many of them imagined their other halves as part of the fantasy.

For males most commonly the fantasy is to have two females but the studies showed females had no real preference towards gender. The act of the threesome itself was enough. That is why our agency offers you the chance to meet duo escorts in London. Our girls work great together and combine their experience to ensure you reach maximum pleasure. You can view which of our girls offer duo escorting experiences when you visit the main duo gallery on our website. You can pick which two girls to meet from there.

Spice up your love life

I know we have just discussed the idea of one person booking two escorts to fulfil their threesome fantasies, however, it is not unsure that couples also have a fantasy of getting an escort to join them in their bedroom to spice up their love life. Some of our couple escorts are amazing to be the third party in the bedroom as we allow you to set the boundaries as to how the night goes, so you or your partner never feel left out.

Spanking Good Fantasy:

BDSM and bondage are one of the most common fantasies and it's not hard to see why. Many people have fantasies of being dominated or dominating themselves and this study showed up to 65% of people were into some sort of BDSM practice such as biting spanking and hot wax. The study also showed women have a more frequent desire to be dominated.

Bondage is about the transference of power and is all about one person having all the power and the other person being completely stripped of their power, and clothes. Bondage is a popular fantasy for many people, whether you want to be tied and gagged, or do the tying and gagging, bondage is popular with people who deal with power on a daily basis.

Many powerful men enjoy being dominated since they're usually the ones dishing out the power. For them, having a gorgeous London escort dominate them instead is different and highly sought after.

The ladies who are experts in making you get down on your knees and beg for mercy can be found on our Dominatrix page. Get ready to have a lady in a latex suit show you who is boss.

You can also find out our top 2 BDSM escorts here.


Do you like roleplay, feet or golden showers? These are the types of fetishes that have become very popular here at our agency. We tend to have gentlemen wanting to meet fetish escorts in order to indulge in their deepest darkest fantasies, where that be one of our ladies weeing on you or even trampling you with her huge 5-inch heels.

Open Relationship:

The fantasy of an open relationship isn't as talked about considering how common it is. Many people in relationships fantasize about having an open relationship or just being with someone else as their fantasy, 79 per cent of men fantasize about an open relationship and not too far behind the 62 per cent of women fantasize about an open relationship. 58% of people in relationships fantasize about their partner being with another person.

Just booking an escort in London whilst you have a partner who comes under the category of being in an open relationship should your boyfriend or girlfriend be okay with you meet a companion. If this is the case, then you are a really lucky guy!


Curiously many people who consider themselves heterosexual have fantasized about sexual encounters with the same gender. Dr Justin Lehimmer's study showed up to 59% of straight women fantasize about being with another woman and up to 26% of straight men have fantasized about another male. This doesn't necessarily mean they're homosexual as it could just mean they're a very curious person.

Currently, our agency doesn't represent any male escorts but if you are a female looking to experience what it's like to spend the night with a lady, we have some great Bi-sexual escorts who we are sure will indulge in your same-sex fantasies.

Adventurous Sexual Encounters

Finally and to put it quite simply, men and women enjoy getting adventurous in the bedroom. At Aj London Escorts, the most adventurous escort you will find offer PSE. PSE (Porn star experience) is the girlfriend experience booking but more hardcore. This is closer to what you would see in pornographic films and includes intense sexual encounters, deep throat, OWO, cum in mouth and pretty much anything else you want to do.

A- level services which tend to come with an extra fee also fall under the category of adventurous. A - level is quite simply another phrase for anal sex. This service is not offered by every girl, so we do have a dedicated gallery to showcase exactly which of our ladies are A- level escorts

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