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Cheap escorts tend to be located mainly in the North and outskirts of London. Cheap escorts in London can cost anything from £79 an hour to £100 an hour for a client to hire. At this price, the escort may not offer outcalls, as the additional charges can mean that they no longer qualify to be a cheap escort which puts of potential clients, so be sure to check out the escort's profile in advance to know what type of cheap services she offers.

When you head more centrally into London, around Chelsea, Notting Hill, Bond Street and London Bridge area, you will find the most common escort rate. Here you are likely to be charged between £150 and £200 an hour to meet an escort in Central London. Around the centre of London is where most escorts are housed and due to the unwillingness of most clients to pay more than £150 an hour, you can find some of the best escorts London has to offer at this price.

Saying this however, there is a small demand for high class escorts with international clients who travel to the capital. High class escorts can cost £300 upwards to thousands of pounds an hour depending on appearance and reputation. High Class escorts are mainly in Chelsea, Mayfair and areas like Canary Wharf where business affluent people gather on business. 

So to recap, you can meet cheap escorts for £79-£100, 'standard' escorts for £150-£200 and high class escorts for £300 plus and hour. But what do we charge here at AJ London Escorts?


Escort Rates At AJ London Escorts

Incall Rates

Time and Price  

  • First Hour Booking - Costs £100 - £200
  • Extra Hour Onto Your Booking - Costs £100 - £200
  • Dinner Date - Costs From £600  
  • Overnight Booking -  Costs From £800 - £1500

Outcall Rates

Time and Price  

  • First Hour Booking - Costs £100 - £200
  • Extra 30 mins Onto Your Booking - £70
  • Extra Hour Onto Your Booking - Costs £100 - £200
  • Dinner Date - Costs From £600  
  • Overnight Booking -  Costs From £800 - £1500

We aim to make our pricing system fair and mutually acceptable for both client and escort, but you will also find our agency prices competitive and one of the cheapest in the city. For that reason, unlike other London escort agencies who add £50 plus onto outcall escorts, we have decided to keep our outcall escort services cheap charging only £100 an hour,

In recent months, we have started offering more different types of London escorts which include high class companions meaning our agency now does offer expensive girls who charge between £200 to £250 per hour service. 

Of course, the more hours you book with an escort the better the value. An example would be, if you spend 10 hours separately at £200 an hour, you are paying £2000. An overnight with the same escort would cost you £1500, which is a huge saving of £500.


Why Do I Want To Meet A London Escort?

There are many reasons why you might want to book a London escort. There are many studies online which question why do men meet escorts and the answers really depend upon your circumstances. This article 'Why do men pay for sex?', published by Marie Claire, asks escorts who regularly meet with clients, why do gentlemen book escorts? The study found that quite a lot of the men meeting escorts in London had lost the passion out of their previous and even current relationships. Meeting escorts seemed to add a thrill to their lives which they were not finding at home.

An article published by Ask Men asked why do men like escorts?. Similarly to the first article, despite the misconceptions, meeting an escort is much more than just meeting a sex worker. The article found that gentlemen enjoyed more personal relationships with their companions. Growing a relationship of trust with someone where they felt they could tell them anything to and not be judged, was something men sought from an escort.

So what are your circumstances? Are you missing a spark from your current relationship? Lonely and looking for companionship? Or, are you simply looking for no strings attached fun with an unbelievably attractive girl? All of the possible reasons why you might want to meet an escort are catered to with our London gallery. We have a lady for every occasion and escort services designed to thrill or release stress. 

With Kinky escorts to trained sensual masseuses, we have escort service providers to suit you. Look through our gallery to find your perfect date and continue reading to hear more about the escort services we offer across North, West, South and East London.


A Good Place to Take my Escorts In London?

This astonishing city is home to so many incredible venues, giving you plenty of freedom to enjoy your evening with one of the hottest escorts London has to offer; exactly where you want to!

London is famously iconic for its music scene, food industry and nightlife, so no matter what your interests or hobbies may be there will be something to interest you and your beautiful London escort in this beautiful city.

Our escorts in London share the same exceptional beauty and character as the city they live in and because of this many clients over the years have struggled when it comes to creating their perfect date. Worry not! Our dedicated reception team know London very well and can provide you with any advice you might need to make sure you choose all of the right venues to enjoy with one of the beautiful girls from our gallery!

For the perfect girlfriend experience, we would highly recommend enjoying a dinner date to get to know your companion, giving you the opportunity to break the ice and avoid any awkwardness.

Book one of the hottest cheap escorts London has to offer tonight, there are plenty to choose from on our gallery!

We are always expanding every day and we cover many areas within London and also the surrounding areas, the latest areas to appear on our website are Stratford, Sutton, Essex and Surrey


Your New Favourite London Escort Agency

AJ London Escorts is and always will be the best London escort agency, providing unforgettable companionship to London's discerning gentlemen 24/7.

Our business has thrived over the 8 years we have been involved in London's escort industry; we believe this is what gives us an edge when it comes to providing you with the best female escorts experience available near you.

As a popular London escort agency, we work hard to ensure we are the best we can be for our clients and we're certain our experience in the industry is exactly what our clients need.

We make sure our receptionists are fluent in English with a previous background in the industry to make sure they can deal with your bookings and any enquiries in the best way possible without any hassle.

This also applies to our future recruits! We put a lot of time into our recruitment process to ensure our clients only receive the most charismatic, energetic, and elegant escorts that provide only the highest standard of service.


Our Escorts Are Diverse To Ensure The Best Escort Services

One of our main goals over the many years of running this agency is to make finding London escorts as easy as possible; and with our new website, you can refine your search to exactly what you want to find.

Now you can narrow down our showcase of London escorts, for example, if you would like to book one of our blonde escorts you can use the menu at the top of the page (under "refine your search" and choose from the categories drop-down menu.

Here you will find all the categories we provide and selecting brunette will, in turn, show you a showcase of all our brunette escorts, exclusively.

This is to create a real experience for our clients, giving you the chance to book an escort that will be able to fulfil your wildest fantasies from the characteristics you've chosen.

AJ London Escorts understand how important and valuable your time is; as it impacts your experience with us, which is the very reason as to why we have categorised our escorts so deeply. So that you can find the best London escort to suit your tastes at an affordable price.

If you have any questions in regards to our London escorts or the escort services we provide then please feel free to get in touch with our team either by phone or by email.

We advise that if you are new to the escort industry or you're making a booking for the first time that you take the time to visit our news page, where you can keep up to date with everything you will need to know.

Don't forget! You can also keep up to date with our escorts agency by signing up to our newsletter in the bottom right of the page, here you will get regular updates and posts informing you about new escorts and any changes to the services we provide.

If you are thinking of joining an agency or simply taking part in adult work then we advise you seek more information, where it can be talked about in more detail. After all, safety is the Number 1 priority. Check out SAAFE for guidance.


How To Hire A Call Girl And The Escort Services You Want To Try

Whether you have booked an escort before or not, the world of booking an escort can be confusing, due to the lack of information and huge choice. So here is a definite guide to booking an escort from the very first step to the point you become a pro.

Step 1 - Understand the reason why you want to book an escort. Once you know the reason why you want to book an escort, you can decide what type of escort to meet and what services you want to enjoy

Step 2 - Search escorts in your location online. You will not find escorts on the street, so the only place to find escorts is online.

Step 3 - Decide whether you want to meet an independent escort or an escort who is represented by an agency like AJ London Escorts.

Step 4 - Find an escort who you think is sexy. Being attracted to the escort is the first stage. Now click on her profile and check her rates, her location and her services. if the escort is afforable and offers the services you desire then she might be perfect for you.

Step 5 - Now you need to contact the escort. if she is is an independent escort you will need to contact the lady herself to arrange your meet up, wheras if she is represented by an agency, you will need to contact the escort agency.

Step 6 - All that is left to do is now prepare for you date. I recommend planning your day in advance, having a wash and a shave and remember to act like a gentlemen.


If you have found an escort at AJ London Escorts and you would like to try us out then feel free to give us a call directly on 07501 911 524, where you can get through to our friendly receptionist team.

At AJ London Escorts we have a simple yet efficient booking system, you can visit our reservations page to fill out an enquiry and we will be able to get back to you shortly.

Now the industry has evolved with the times, you can now also book to meet an escort via WhatsApp through SMS. To ensure your booking is valid over WhatsApp, be sure to leave the name of the call girl you would like to meet, date, time and place of where you would like to meet, the booking duration, your contact details and any special requirements for your booking.



AJ London escorts is a service providing referrals and nothing else. None of the content or anything inferred here is to be taken as inducement for anything other than spending time as a companion. It is intended for an audience of 18 years+, due to nudity. Only enter this website if you are legal of age.

Our Escort agency is designed to connect two consenting adults for companionship. Our business does not encourage or have any knowledge pertaining to illegal activities. If you are not of age or disagree with this disclaimer, please leave now.

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