Why Do Couples Use Escort Services?

If you happen to be part of a couple who have recently thought about spicing up your extra-curricular time in bed by adding another to the mix, you’re definitely not alone. Threesomes are in vogue these days – especially amongst those in their 20s and 30s. So, if the youngsters are at it, why not the ‘oldies’ too? What’s good for the gander and all that...

And why are couples turning to escort services? Well, here are some of the most common reasons for hiring a couples girl from AJ London escorts that we’re told about by our clients:

  • It’s a bit of uncomplicated fun. Because it’s a ‘business deal’ and the escort is always strictly professional it means that no jealousies ever arise. There is also no chance of any of the couple running off with the third person – as there would be with a friend or non-professional third person.
  • It adds experience and novelty to the mix. Escorts are skilled at their profession. They know all ‘the tricks in the trade’ to liven up an encounter and even just a few sessions with an escort can invigorate a couple’s relationship by introducing them to new ideas and activities. In other words, if you want quality, go to the expert...
  • It can bring couples together. When a couple’s sex life gets boring, there’s a good chance the apathy has seeped into other areas of their life together too. When ‘bedtime’ becomes exciting again it gives couples things to talk and plan about together. It becomes ‘their secret’ and introduces an intimacy into the relationship that had probably been lost over the years.
  • It’s physically safe. Because your chosen escort is a professional working with us here at escorts she will be health screened regularly so you know there’s nothing to worry about in that sense – not so with a third person you may have randomly found online. Also, she’s definitely not going to tie up you and your other half and rob you.
  • There is no favouritism. A big criticism of threesomes if that the person who has been brought in spends more time with one of the couples than the other. This can inevitably bring in lots of resentment and ruin the whole experience. This will never happen with an escort. She will also make sure both in the couple experience pleasure equally.
  • It’s less intimidating together. Often one person in a couple has been fantasising about seeing an escort for years but was always too shy to do anything about it. When you meet an escort as a couple, you feel more confident because your other half is literally there in the room with you. Not only do you feel less anxious, but there’s no guilt about cheating either since both of you are in this together.

Convinced of the importance of a long-term relationship of introducing an escort yet? If so, why not take a look through our list of couples escorts on our website.