An Exclusive Interview with An Escort in London

Have you ever wondered how the lady you are looking to meet maybe have become an escort in the first place? Or if you're gorgeous London escort has a favourite client? These aren't really the sort of questions you want to be asking a companion on a date, so we thought we would ask the questions for you!

So for the sake of this article, we'll call the London escort we interviewed 'Amy' and no this isn't Amy who you can currently find on our main gallery page. No names will be revealed to protect identities but all the answer we publish today are 100% true. So, let's get into it:


Q: So straight to it, obvious first question Amy, how did you become the gorgeous London escort you are?

A: Ha, I don't know about gorgeous, but escorting was something I kind of just fell into you know? My friend suggested some modelling as a part-time gig, which was fine. A little boring. She then expressed her interest in adult entertainment to me and said I could earn more and have more fun as a companion, and I've not looked back since.


Q: What was your first booking like?

A: I was incredibly nervous on my first booking and a little bit scared. I wasn't sure what to expect at all and I had a million questions racing through my mind. Will I be safe? What if he doesn't like me? All kinds of thoughts, but honestly, I had an incredible time and haven't looked back since. I kind of knew after the first booking, this was something I wanted to keep doing.

I would like to just quickly say though, I feel my first experience and the way I was feeling before meeting with a client would be the exact same if the roles were reversed and I was a punter booking an escort. You just have those feelings. Maybe I should have read about helpful tips when booking a London escort for the first time and it may have prepared me a little better for what I should expect.


Q: Do you have a favourite client?

A: I have many regular clients. They're all lovely but very different in their own ways. They enjoy different services and have very different approaches to how they spend their time with me, which is fine for me, it keeps things interesting. As far as a favourite I don't have one, but I enjoy many of the different scenarios I end up in with my clients.


Q: On the other hand, do you have a client you consider the worst you have met?

A: Again, I don't have a favourite's and worsts. I just have clients I like and the ones I don't, I just don't bother seeing again. Anything from a client can turn me off. Whether it's trying to haggle when it comes to the donation or begging for more time. I have clients who don't even use all their time and still tip me with gifts and are the ultimate gentleman. Other clients want to behave like they own you and feel like they can demand more time or try to undercut you but this is a fast way to get black-listed and I personally don't take those bookings again.


Q: What's the best part about being an escort?

A: There's a hell of a lot of perks really, the hotels, the fancy clothes, the gifts and tips from clients, meeting new people, cash in hand, I mean the list really does go on but the best part for me I'd have to say is the freedom. I like working when I want, and being able to have more freedom on the job.

Sure it's fun what I do, but that's just another bonus but I'm glad I don't have to clock in and out of work at the same time every day from the same location. Escorting allows, surprisingly a lot of freedoms, which is perfect for me.


Q: Have you ever refused a booking?

A: I'll only say no to taking a booking if the client isn't giving enough information during the screening process. If they're a bit shady about their name or age I'll just say no. I don't tend to turn down bookings if everything seems ok, although I have refused repeat clients because for whatever reason I didn't enjoy our initial booking.


Q: So do you plan to do this forever?

A: I'm a student as well, I am studying and hoping to progress in the field I'm interested in, but escorting is perfect for me right now and honestly I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Maybe one day, but not today.


Q: How would you describe your 'typical' clients?

A: Hmm, I'd say middle-aged men. They're usually married and in unhappy marriages at that and they have careers that are quite demanding. Often travelling or spending many hours in hotel rooms on their own.

It's a lonely life for many of my clients, even the ones with wives so I'd say my typical client is the middle-aged man, with plenty of money, not so much time, and a very bored mentality.

They're all perfect gentleman and I enjoy an older take-charge kinda guy, which is probably why I enjoy the clients I have so much.


Q: Have you ever dated or wanted to date a client?

A: Honestly no. I've already made quite a mental separation that my personal life and my companionship are two different things and I don't really want to mix them, even if it is tempting. I have some clients who are clearly boyfriend material and would make wonderful partners, honestly, I'm surprised some of their own partners don't want to touch them but that being said I prefer to enjoy my time with my clients and leave it as a working relationship.


Q: Following on from have you ever wanted to date a client, if you don't mind me asking, do you currently have a boyfriend?

A: I had a boyfriend, but at the moment no, I am currently single. I've tried having boyfriends since becoming a companion and I've been quite open with my profession. I guess guys always think you'll give this up for them eventually and when I don't, they leave. That's always baffled me a little bit but I guess it just means I haven't found the right partner yet

Q: For anyone out there that may have been reading this interview with the idea of becoming an escort themselves, do you believe anyone can become an escort?

A: Theoretically yes. There's a market for every type of woman and clients love booking all kinds of women so I definitely think that anyone could be an escort but that being said escorting takes a lot of work Like anything you want to be good at you have to dedicate time, be hard working, enthusiastic and caring. You have to look after clients even when you're not feeling up for it and not every booking is going to be your dream man. Not everyone is cut out to be an escort. Just to keep your body in shape it takes a lot of exercise and dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. A lot goes into being elite, and not everyone's prepared to make those leaps. 

But I would say if you are thinking about becoming an escort, you do really need to just throw yourself in the deep end. Apply for agencies or advertise yourself. Why don't you try to join AJ London Escorts team?


Q: Do you're family and friends know?

A: Definitely not. I know some girls are very open about it and have told their families and friends and that's great, but like I said I want to keep escorting a separate entity to my private life and on top of that I'm not really sure how my parents will react. I'm quite convinced they'd be supportive but I still choose to just avoid that altogether, if I can.


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