The Importance of Reviews

Today we live in the information age and information is so readily accessible whenever we want it at any time. Thanks to smartphones and smart technology, in general, we're more connected to the world around us then we've ever been before and all this information at literally our fingertips at times can seem a little bit daunting.

This is why we turn to trusting external factors such as reviews when considering almost anything these days. People check reviews for everything from holidays to food shopping, clothing, technology and everything in between. Basically, if it's being sold, somebody's probably talking about it.

Clearly, people love leaving reviews as they're everywhere but even more important is that people trust them. Many people trust reviews to give them some insight into the product or service they're considering purchasing and recent studies have shown up to 90 per cent of online shoppers will read reviews before purchasing anything and up to 80 per cent of people trust reviews in general over real person recommendations.

This is because people tend to trust other people and even more so, tend to trust companies and corporations. People with more official statuses in society such as 'writers', 'politicians' or just people in any position of power are more likely to have there word trusted than the average person, but that being said most reviews online are written by the average person. People love and trust reviews so much that review websites exist such as Trip Advisor, Yelp and the companionship industries very own ' Punternet '.


Many Businesses Need Reviews

Just as many businesses rely on reviews to help push there products and services further, escorting is no different. It's still an incredibly competitive profession in one of the most lucrative industries in the world filled with the most elite and beautiful women you're ever going to come across.

If you look through our extensive catalogue of gorgeous London escorts you'll see we're telling the truth. So, therefore, it's also one of many industries that will profit and prosper further thanks to peoples reviews. How would it help in the escorting industry I sense you mentally question as you read this?

Well, there are many people who may have fantasised for a long time about booking an escort, or perhaps they have a particular type or fetish they wish to explore and escorting is the perfect avenue to take, even so, many people will be too afraid to take that first leap and make a booking. The thoughts of something going wrong, being scammed or anything happening refrains people from going through an actually very simple process of booking an escort.

Reviews help ease these potential clients minds because reviews are generally just from the average person, therefore, a review indicates some form of authenticity. You can be sure the women in the pictures are the same women who turn up if you book them because they have previous reviews from other happy clients. You can see our previous reviews on our homepage.


They can be exactly what you need

Also, it can help convince a person to finally make the booking when they hear how great she is in person. Sure, a photograph is stunning and all our London escorts at AJ look drop-dead-gorgeous in their shots but a review can really sell the service. After reading what a spectacular performer she is and reading how satisfied she's left other clients, potential clients can come to their own realisation, that she's who they really want.

Both agencies and escorts can prosper from reviews as reviews show authenticity as we previously mentioned. It lets you know that the agency is professional, reliable and trustworthy (and you already know AJ London Escorts' is and it also helps individual escorts as clients reviews may help them get more and more continuous bookings.

Reviews are also a positive aspect of business especially for escorting agencies as it gives our clients a voice and ensures we have a stronger connection with our client base. We can listen to them and make decisions based on catering to our clients closed based off of their reviews.

Reviews are important in the escort industry in general so for all our lovely clients could you please leave even more wonderful reviews about our gorgeous London escorts. You can find our review section on our homepage or on an individual girl's profile.