More Most Frequently Asked Questions At AJ London Escorts

With so many escort agencies it is kind of presumed that many clients know what they are looking for and how to go about booking an escort in the capital. We have found however that many first time clients can feel overwhelmed by the options and choices that are available to them on escort websites and have several questions that pop up time and time again. Below and in the next few posts we have tried to clear up some of these questions and help our clients to have the least stressful of times.

How do I book an escort?

This is probably one of the most important questions to answer as it is the main aim of the website. If you are looking to book one of our incredible companions then all you have to do is call our friendly reception staff on 07501 911 524 or fill in our reservation form on the website and we will be able to arrange your booking for you.

How long can I book an escort for?

You can have the date that you choose. Time is not a problem if you would like a longer booking although we do not recommend anything less than an hour. 1 hour starts from £100 depending on where you are based and any additional is then another £100. If you are looking to book for an extended amount of time then discounts can be discussed with the reception staff, although these are not always available.

How do I know which girls are available?

We have a gallery dedicated to the escorts that are available today and this is easily accessible from the main navigation bar. To know if the escort is available at the specific time that you require then it is simply a case of asking our reception staff and they will be more than happy to inform you. If the desired girl is not available then they will be able to recommend another sensual model to pass your time with.

These are just the start of the numerous questions that we encounter on a daily basis and hopefully this will have cleared up any concerns you might have before your booking.

We understand that booking a London escort, especially for the first time can be quite a nerve racking experience to say the least and although we try our hardest to make the experience stress free by providing an easy and helpful way of booking, we know that you might still have some questions before you give us a call. That is why we are writing a FAQ blog post, to hopefully answer the questions you want answering.

What information will I be asked for over the phone?

To ensure everything goes to plan, we will require a name, telephone number and also an address of the place you would like to meet you companion. If are making an incall booking, we still need your home address however. We are very discreet with this information and will never share it with anyone.

Why are the faces on the escorts blurred on your website?

This is to hide the identity of our models. We show enough for you to see exactly what the escort looks like, but we don't want everybody to be able to see who the escort is. This also helps us maintain a discreet service and no one will never know you are with an escort.

When do I pay?

You are required to pay for your date before the date starts, we try and encourage you to meet your companion somewhere secluded at first for the payment to happen, before you head out on your date. But if you prefer to meet somewhere public then that is also fine and you can pay your companion when you meet. paying before hand allows both of you to relax on your date, knowing that the business side of things has been taken care of.

What do I need to do to get ready for my date?

It is up to you how you prepare for your date, we would recommend that you get ready like you normally would do when going out or meeting a women. If you want some pointers though, we would ask you to be showered and groomed as this is sure to impress your date. Also if you want to put some romantic music on or get some champagne or drinks ready, this is a nice gesture for your companion.

We hope these tips helped you, but if you still have some more questions then feel free to give us a call.