A Beginners Guide To Booking Escorts in London

If you're reading this, it's probably because you're about to, or contemplating booking one of our companions. Whether it's your first time using AJ London Escorts or you have used out an agency before in the past, we thought that today would be a great opportunity to write up a guide to booking escorts in London for beginners.

In this article, we are going to cover why you might want to book an escort, the best method to find the right escort for you, give advice regarding topics such as how to prepare best for your date and finally inform you, the best ways to actually book an escort to meet you in a time and place which best suits your needs.


How To Book An Escort in No Time At All

Nobody wants to be left waiting, especially when it comes to something you really want. With this in mind, our agency has developed three different booking options to ensure you can book escorts ASAP.

Live Chat

Recently, we added a live chat system onto our website, which you can find with the mail icon at the bottom right of the page. Our live chat system is very popular due to the fact the system is more discreet than calling up our team, offers quicker responses than our booking form and means you are talking to one of our experienced team members who can help with your enquiries. 

If a member of our team is available to talk to you over live chat, if you enter your question or booking details, we will be sent an email with your enquiry, meaning your messages are never missed.


A Traditional Phone Call

During operation hours, the best way to get in contact with us is on 07501 911 524. We have a dedicated team who man the phones. Once, you call our agency, you will be put through to our receptionists who will assist your query. If you would like to ask about a girls availability, ask about which girls we recommend, or most importantly you just want to book a girl, we can do this in a matter of minutes over the phone.


You Can Book Online Too

If you would prefer, you can fill out the booking form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. It is a fast and simple form to complete and does offer a more discreet booking method than calling our team. We will require a few contact details to be able to get back in touch with you to confirm your booking.

Please note that we need at least 24-hours notice if you are using the form in order to fulfil your booking request.

Key Advice: Make sure the girl you are requesting is available today on our homepage. If you find a girl, who you wouldn't like to book, who currently does not have available today flashing under her profile, then sadly she will not be able to meet with you at this current time.


Why Do People Seek Companionship Services?

So, now we have given you a detailed rundown into the best methods to book an escort girl from our London escort agency, we have looked into why people book companions. The reason, why we are talking about a few different reasons people book escorts is because different escorts are better suited to different clients and services. Knowing why you are booking an escort is going to be a big part of identifying the right escort for you which we are going to discuss later.

So, here are just 3 of the most common reasons why punters have said they have met with female escorts from our agency.


Are you Bored And/or Horny? 

Are you sitting on your own with nothing to do but stare at your 4 walls? Want to add some excitement to your life? Or are you just feeling really horny and want to meet a gorgeous local girl in your area?

Stop scrolling through Tinder swiping right on every girl profile you see to never match with a girl you actually like. There are millions of escorts in London and here at AJ London escorts, we can match you with the best. Our girls can take care of your every need and leave you feeling fully satisfied. 

These dates offer no strings attached fun, where you can keep the date as cheap as you want. There's no need to try to impress a potential girlfriend with a £100 meal, just have one of our girls come around to your home for some discreet fun. 


Are you feeling Lonely?

There are many reasons why someone may stay single. Maybe they find it hard to connect with the people they like, or are far too nervous to even try. On the other hand, some people are simply just too busy to dedicate time and energy into socialising and going out to meet new people. They might put work at the forefront of their lives and relationships are considered to be a distraction from their careers.

All of these are factors into why someone may hire an escort for the girlfriend experience. A GFE is simply gaining all of the benefits you would by having a girlfriend. Having someone who cares about you, someone who makes you feel good and maybe someone just to listen to all your problems.

Meeting an escort who offers the girlfriend experience allows you to enjoy everything you would with a partner, but with one of the most beautiful women London has to offer. GFE offers no string attached fun and can offer the companionship that the men are seeking. For this reason alone, the girlfriend experience is just one of the reasons why you may want to book an escort.


Wanting to Spice up Your Love Life?

It’s not all single men or women who want to hire an escort. Sometimes it's couples who want to introduce a third person into their love life. This may sound strange to someone who’s never come across this concept before but an open relationship, for example,  which has become increasingly more common in 2019 than they were in 2010, suggest that more couples than ever are meeting with other people whilst being in a relationship.

So, why would a couple want to introduce another woman into there intimate sex life?

Well, for one, not everyone’s sex life is that intimate, interesting or even active. Some people lost the spark in their relationship years ago, and although they want to continue to experience love and excitement together, time and routine have to lead to their love life becoming boring. This is where an escort may help.

An escort for couples can help ignite that spark, whether it’s through giving ideas, pointers, increasing confidence in the bedroom. In some cases, the experience of seeing another woman please your man can spark just enough jealousy to force you to want to get more intimate with your partner, and vice versa. An escort can be a great way to rejuvenate a dimming relationship and maybe even add a new spark all together. 

You can read here to see more reasons why couples book escorts https://www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk/blog/why-couples-use-escorts/


Choosing the Right Escort For You

As we said a little earlier on, there are many different reasons why someone may want to meet an escort. Due to this, it means to get the most out of your experience you need to find the right escort for you that meets your criteria (ticks all of your boxes).

You'll be happy to know we've made it incredibly easy for you to navigate through our website so that you are window shopping our extensive catalogue of London escorts until you finally find the girl for you. But what should you look for once you are on our London escort gallery?

Read Girl's Profiles

Our model's profiles are all filled with all the information you need to come to a decision about who you want to book. Statistics such as age, bust size, height, hair, eyes, languages and orientation are all clearly listed along with the rates consisting of time-correlated with duration and a small about me section giving you a slight look into their personalities. 

Each girl will also have their own exclusive image gallery. All the girl's images are 100% and unedited. We have now even started to add selfies to our girl's profiles so you can an even better look into how are girls look exactly like the images you see.


Check Out Reviews

Feedback, better known as reviews from our clients can also give you a better insight into the escort you are interested in. You should be able to tell about her professionalism and abilities as well as her nature and sense of fun etc. If a girl has great reviews from gentlemen who have previously meet her which say that she looks like her images and they had a great time, then you can feel great about deciding to meet her.

On the other hand, if a girl has bad reviews, there is a reason for this. Maybe she has edited her pictures or has a bad attitude and rushes her services. We would recommend staying away from girls with bad reviews.

Happily, on AJ London Escorts, we have very few bad reviews left. Which is a testament to the great girls we introduce you, gentlemen, to meet

To view our reviews, click on a girls profile such as Ama and read her reviews at the bottom of her profile

To learn more about the importance of reviews, click here.


Key Advice: Remember to check

  • Girl's Profiles for stats, rates and services they offer
  • The Girl's Availability
  • Read Reviews


Escort Meeting Tips

Now, that we have told you how to book an escort efficiently, why you might want to meet a companion and what to look for from the girl you are looking to meet, it only seems right to end of escort meeting tips to ensure you get the most from your experience.

This advice may seem straightforward and just common sense but they really are the basics to having a great night with your date.


Meet Your Escort On Time

If you are travelling to meet an escort, always plan your route and set off in advance. If you set off late or encounter a delay during your journey, you are eating into your time which you could be enjoying. If you are late by 10 minutes, that is simply your fault and the time can not be added onto your booking.

Like the old saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


Be Clean

First impressions go along way and you don’t expect to turn up at your escort’s apartment (or vice versa) to find her wearing an old jumper, holey jeans and sporting unwashed hair without any make-up. And likewise, she’ll expect you to have gone to an effort in terms of hygiene and presentation

Cleanliness is important in this industry and if you’re clean it will be highly appreciated. Make sure you shower, smell fresh and brush your teeth, you’d be surprised how far a little mouthwash can go. 

Remember, if you have booked an escort for an outcall, she may have requested that the girl meets you at your apartment. Please, ensure that your living space is clean and welcoming. Maybe, put out fresh towels and soap, get female body wash and any products you think she might need to use during her time with you, she’ll appreciate this a lot and cleanliness from both of you will help the whole process feel more enjoyable. A clean mind is a happy mind and a happy mind aims to please.

If you don't want to spend time cleaning your apartment, is an outcall right for you?


Pay Promptly

It's important to pay your date when you meet. You never want an escort girl to ask to be paid as this is a little awkward. To be honest, the faster you pay, the sooner you can relax and have a great time with your date. Below are 3 important points to follow when paying for your escort service.

Key points to paying promptly

  • Make the payment discretely - in a brown paper envelope
  • Do not try to haggle on the rate price
  • Pay your date on arrival


Be Honest

If it's your first time meeting an escort, simply tell your date. It's not uncommon, you won't be laughed at and the girl will simply cater the experience to ensure that you feel at ease and comfortable. This should ease your nerves too. 

The girls our agency represents are not here to judge you, so be honest, it really is the best way to get what you are looking from your date