As any property owner knows, the old adage ‘location, location, location’ is the mantra by which their business thrives and the same is true regarding the fortunes, or otherwise, of Shoreditch. It was the geological features of the location that gave it is name as the marshy land of east London regularly sat in stagnant water, the worst of which was in the area that is now Shoreditch. The old English name literally means ‘sewers ditch’. Again, for a couple of hundred years between the middle ages and the Victorian era, the reputation of the area was not helped by its location outside of the city walls of London. Since theatres, music halls and other venues for entertainment were banned in the city itself, clubs, bars and theatres popped up in the nearest places to the city gates. Shoreditch attracted ‘bawdy’ and ‘immoral’ behaviour from the people who frequented these places and the reputation of the area suffered as a result. Today, we have a slightly more liberal attitude to having fun, indeed our Shoreditch escorts love this vibrant and buzzing area purely because of everything that is available here.

Like much of the East End, Shoreditch suffered from overcrowding and poverty during the 19th and 20th centuries. It has only recently benefitted from a massive investment in the area and now attracts many of the new digital media businesses and technology related genres. All the old warehouses have been converted into sleek modern apartments and are now very popular with up and coming professionals. Luckily these same professionals like to play as hard as they work and our Shoreditch escorts are often the partners of choice when it comes to having a good time.

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The new mantra for the area is ‘eats, beats, booze’ and this resonates with almost all of the inhabitants here. One of the most exciting venues to visit here is the Magic Roundabout. Nothing to do with the kids show of the 1970s, it is in fact located in the middle of the Old Street roundabout itself and is a unique party space offering street food, craft beers, cocktails and the best beats around. A great place to visit and somewhere that our escorts in Shoreditch often go.

Shoreditch as all about urban vibe with plenty of indie shops and new ideas. The area is populated by a younger demographic who like a casual party atmosphere which pervades every aspect of life here. Our Shoreditch escorts are just as fun and outgoing and the fact that AJLondon escorts offer outcalls mean that locals can have all the fun come to them. The sheer choice of restaurants and bars in this part of East London is mind blowing with each having its own unique identity and appealing to everyone across the spectrum. Wherever you decide to go with our escorts Shoreditch you are sure of a great time both in public and in private! Why not give our London escort agency a call and make your date now.