5 Dinner Date Tips

It’s the evening time, and you’re getting ready for a romantic dinner date with a client tonight. You’re accompanying him to a high-class, upscale restaurant and you’re eager to please, impress, and leave a lasting impression. There are certain behaviours, and etiquettes that are important to keep in practise when having a dinner date, to make sure you maintain a high level of professionalism, whilst also making sure your client is so enchanted by you, just looking at you is enough to cure his appetite!

Whether you’re new to escorting, or you haven’t necessarily been on a dinner date in a little while, here are (not limited to, and in no particular order) 5 dinner date tips to give your client an evening to remember:


Dress to Impress

Of course, the first thing you’re going to be worrying about is what to wear, you’ve retired a lot of your go-to outfits and need a bit of a refresh so you always look your best. Your client will appreciate the effort that has been put in when it comes to your appearance. Simplicity is always the best way forward, especially if it comes to first dates with a client, as it leaves a lot to the imagination.

An elegant, sleek LBD (little black dress) compliments you no matter what your personal look is, and screams sophistication. Partner your stylish dress with a killer pair of heels, to elongate your legs and better your posture. This will allow you to keep your back straight and head high so that as well as your outfit looking sultry; your confidence absolutely radiates sexiness!

As for make-up, a winner when it comes to dinner dates is an elegant simple cat-eye to leave your client hanging on to your every word, and gazing into your eyes when you enjoy hearty conversations over a delicious meal, and a longwearing, budge-proof matte red lip to keep your lips intact whilst you’re eating, and to seduce your client when you speak.


The Prettiest Thing You Can Wear is a Smile

One of the most important things to remember when attending a dinner date is to wear a smile! It’s easy to forget to look engaged when your face is relaxed, and this can be mistaken for looking bored. To give your client a professional and bespoke service, keep a warm smile on your face to help your client to feel more at ease, and so that you give out an approachable, and friendly energy. You will build a good rapport with your client if they know that you’re engaged, and by the end of the night they won’t be able to get your sweet smile out of their minds.


Remain Engaged

A lot of our clients tend to be quite busy professionals, with quite hectic schedules who may not normally have the luxury of being able to just sit down, relax, and enjoy a nice meal. Eating alone is one thing, but being in the company of someone else who gives you nothing but awkward silences, isn’t any better at

all. Don’t make your client feel uncomfortable, help their experience be as catered to them as possible, so that they feel like they’ve been given the best quality of care, and attention that they have paid for. You may find that you hit it off really well, and you can delve into some interesting and intriguing topics Don’t ask too many personal questions unless the rapport has already been established by yourself and the client that you can venture into that territory.

Let your client lead the conversation, and be receptive and responsive so that he knows you’re giving him all of his attention, to make him feel special and not even feel as though this is a service he’s paid for, but rather genuine companionship for the evening. It’s your job to ensure waiters etc. aren’t given the impression that this date is a paid service. Remember your etiquette and remain polite, don’t speak over your client, and definitely don’t talk mid-chewing!


Know Your Limits

Another thing to be wary of when going on a dinner date, is watching how much you have to drink. It is important that an escort remains alert, elegant and professional. If you are consuming alcohol on the night such as if your client is celebrating something and has had champagne on the table, be sure to pace yourself. High-class escorts aren’t to drink more than you would if you were to drive yourself home, so that you are able to conduct yourself professionally, sophisticatedly, and that you know to respect your own boundaries.


Table Manner Quirks

Maybe you’ve encountered a client or two who have some peculiar table manners, whether it’s because of personal, or just cultural differences, be wary that not everyone’s table manners are the same as yours. For example, if your client is a bit of a fussy eater and likes cutting their food up into bite-sized pieces, imitation is a good skill to utilise here.

If your client insists on eating a sandwich with his hands rather than a knife and fork, even if it is in a high-class environment, you’d do the same so that the client doesn’t feel at all that they are doing anything wrong, and so that they feel comfortable that you aren’t judging their table manners.

Now that you’ve refreshed some of your dinner-date etiquettes, you’re hopefully now ready to wine and dine, and to give your client a night that will leave a long-lasting imprint in his memory. Thanks for reading and have fun.