5 Cosplay Ideas To Try With Your Favourite Escorts

In the 2000's the rise of superhero and comic book popularity in popular culture through movies has sparked a new generation of cosplay (costume play) lovers. Role-play in the bedroom has always been a part of people's sexual nature, and it is something that us at AJ London escorts enjoy delivering. Even people fantasising about the characters they love in more obscure mediums is becoming more and more frequent which means the demand to live out these fantasies is higher and therefore as an escort, not only can you indulge in these fantasies but can charge a special price for this service since it's extra work to get the costumes and if you really want to impress, to learn about the characters.

We've already run through a pretty brilliant list of uniform ideas to try which features some of the usual suspects such as nurses and policewomen.

Today we're going to go through a short list of popular comic book characters you could role play and everyone on our list has already been featured in a major movie or TV show.

So in no particular order let's start with our first:


Catwoman is one of the easiest on the list as the general 'Cat woman' is a popular role-play costume similar to the Playboy bunny. An easy enough costume to find and one that has proven its popularity in the bedroom. For your fanboy clients, they'll have no problem recognising your character as she is the feline seductress to Batman.

Even some of your older clients may appreciate this as Catwoman was popularised on the incredibly notorious 1960's Batman serial starring Adam West where Catwoman, played by Eartha Kitt was the first crush to generations of kids that grew up on the show which continued to air until the early 000's.

Harley Quinn

Staying on the topic of Batman, and to be fair we could do an entire blog on the seductive women of Batman's rogue's gallery, next we have Harley Quinn. Seductive, fun, flirty, slightly insane and girlfriend to megalomaniac The Joker.

Harley Quinn again has a pretty easy costume to adapt depending on the version. The comic book 'Jester' costume although tight and playful isn't very sexy and very hard to find ready-made. The character, however, was popularised in 2016's Suicide Squad movie where she was played by Hollywood bombshell Margo Robbie. Inspired by an old photo of Debbie Harris Margo Robbie's Harley Quinn chooses to turn the sex appeal all the way to eleven opting to wear hot pants and a T-Shirt that reads 'Daddy's Little Monster'.


Supergirl is the classic fanboy dream. The blonde haired superhero has proven her popularity with a movie based on her starring the beautiful Helen Slater and later a TV show starring Melissa Benoist.

Her costume is sexy and playful and one of the most popular cosplay costumes as Superman merchandise and costumes are never hard to find. She wears a simple Superman T-Shirt and a short red skirt. The details of her costume vary depending on who wears it so you can be as creative as you want. As long as Superman's logo is on you and your rocking a sexy little red skirt, you are the Supergirl he's been dreaming of.

Wonder Woman

The most famous of the female heroins and the first, Wonder Woman has always had a debated relationship with the bedroom. Her costume is designed to be in the bedroom with her high red boots, blue hot pants and small breastplate. Even her weapons can be used in a playful manner. Wonder Woman has a lasso which forces whoever it's tied around, to tell the truth. Make him tell you how much he wants you, or what he wants to do with you, I'll leave the details up to you, but the creativity is endless. Her bracelets, when bound together, also make her helpless.

Wonder Woman's early stories were draped in sexual references and bondage and she makes for the perfect playmate in the bedroom. Her costume was also featured on the cover of Playboy when Playmate Tiffany Fallon painted the design onto her body proving the sexual appeal of her attire. The character also shot to new heights of popularity when supermodel Gal Gadot starred as the character in the 2017 motion picture.


Psylocke is a rather obscure character in comparison to some of the other ones on this list but her costume is one of the sexiest. She wears a laced and incredibly revealing costume kin to a ninja costume mixed with lingerie. Her character spawns from the X-Men and her popularity rose when she was featured in 2016's X-Men Apocalypse movie played by the drop dead gorgeous Olivia Munn.

Her costume is easy enough to put together and really only requires you finding or wearing anything sexy that's purple.

So there we have it, five fun and playful comic book character costumes to try in the bedrooms. All characters have been featured in movies and have costumes you would look like a knock out in. So be someones super girl tonight and remember more than anything, have fun!

If cosplay isn't for you then maybe you might prefer movie characters? Check out the five movie costumes to try out with your escort, there are some fantastic suggestions in this article!

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