Top 3 Reasons to Book an Escort

Many people hire many other people to provide different services for them. Some people want there garden or pool tending to, therefore they will hire a gardener or a poo boy, or a plumber or a chef or any job that requires a paid service. 

When people seek out a service they usually want the best, or at the very least, an affordable professional. So why should your love life be any different? Why can’t you hire someone for the services you require, well you can, and here, we're going to go through three reasons one might hire an escort, other than the blindly obvious reason, they are drop-dead gorgeous.

So let’s get into the first reason someone might hire an escort:

Dinner Date 

Some people may hire an escort simply for a beautiful dinner date and to enjoy some relaxed company. An escort can be a perfect date, not only can you choose your perfect escort to make sure you have the date you want, you can take her out and enjoy a meal as you would a courted partner. Escorts will never let on that they aren't your actual girlfriend, this will enhance the entire experience and you may even find yourself forgetting she’s not your girlfriend. 

As well as enjoying some company with a London model on your arm to compliment your great night, the convenience of hiring an escort is also appealing especially to a lot of busy men, Some people may have work functions and events to attend regularly but without a lot of time to meet, connect and court someone. This is where hiring an escort to accompany you to a dinner meeting, function or event is perfect. Your date will look like the bell of the ball and you’re sure to have a few people green eyed wondering where you met such a stunning woman. 

The Girlfriend Experience

One of the top reasons to hire an escort is to have ‘The Girlfriend Experience’

There are many reasons someone may stay single. Maybe they find it hard to connect with the people they like, or are far too nervous to even try. They could be single and being single for a while can be detrimental to confidence and persona as some people feel like after coming out of a relationship or being single for so long they’ve forgotten how to conversate with the opposite sex and need to get back into ‘the swing of things’. Some people are simply, just too busy to dedicate time and energy to learning someone new and incorporating them into, an already busy lifestyle. All these are factors in why someone may hire an escort for the girlfriend experience. Choosing the escort you like is like essentially choosing your perfect woman without the crushing initial fear that she will completely ignore you. The girlfriend experience allows you to experience everything you would with a partner, but with one of the most beautiful women london has to offer, and for this reason alone, the girlfriend experience is a 100 percent worth it. 


It’s not all single men or women however who want to hire an escort for couples. Sometimes it’s couples. This may sound strange to someone who’s never come across this concept before. Why would couples want to introduce another woman into there intimate sex life?

Well, for one, not everyone’s sex life is that intimate, interesting or even active. Some people lost the spark in there relationship years ago, and although they want to continue to experience love and excitement together, time and routine has proved otherwise for them;
This is where an escort may help, for some couples confidence is an issue as well.

When you get into a relationship, in the beginning, it’s new and exciting, eventually like everything the novelty wears off and you have to try harder to keep the initial spark. You may get relaxed and comfortable with your partner, to a point where anything outside your comfort zone is a no no. An escort can help ignite that spark, whether it’s through giving ideas, pointers, increasing confidence in the bedroom, making the couple more comfortable with new experiences and even, in some cases, the experience of seeing another woman please one's man, can spark just enough jealousy to force her to be the only one to please him again, and vice versa. An escort can be a great way to rejuvenate a dimming relationship and maybe even add a new spark all together.