Advice for our first time clients booking an escort

If you’ve never been to an escort agency in London before then it might be a good idea to read through this article – and some of the others on this blog post - before embarking on your first booking experience with one of our lovely ladies.

Read the escort in London profiles

All of the gorgeous girls on our website here at AJ London Escorts have not just photographs but also profiles listing their statistics as well as their interests. That way you can hopefully find an ideal match for your date with an escort in London. Rest-assured too that the photographs are 100 per cent genuine ie they haven’t been photo-shopped in any way and are very current.

Here is an example profile - - for our full selection of escorts in London visit our gallery.

Check the feedback for escorts in London

Feedback from our clients can also give you a better insight into your escort ie you should be able to tell about her professionalism and abilities as well as her nature and sense of fun etc. You’ll also learn here what sort of services she offers, and what she doesn’t (so please don’t pressure her to once you meet with her).

Find feedback our ladies have recived by visiting our reviews page.

Always shower and dress well before meeting your escort in London:

You don’t expect to turn up at your escort’s apartment (or vice versa) to find her wearing an old jumper, holey jeans and sporting unwashed hair without any make-up. And likewise she’ll expect you to have gone to an effort in terms of hygiene and presentation. The only exception to this rule is that if she’s meeting at your apartment or hotel room then its fine for you to be wear a robe when you answer the door.

Make sure you’re sober when meeting your escort in London:

Nothing is more of a turn-off for your escort than you turning up half-cut or out of your head on drugs (whether cannabis, ecstasy or cocaine). At least show her the courtesy of being ‘switched on’ and eager to enjoy and remember the whole experience. There may be a time at a later encounter when you and your escort share a bottle of wine etc but on the first meeting it makes sense to abstain as you’ll be a stranger to her and she has to get to know you first so that she can trust you.

Put the payment in an envelope and leave it on a side table:

Either that or hand the envelope to your escort in London when you first arrive. That gets the issue out of the way right at the start meaning you can both now relax and enjoy what the evening or afternoon ahead has to offer.

Get undressed when your escort in London ‘pops to the bathroom’After you’ve met your escort and you’ve had a little chat together your escort will tell you she’s just popping to the bathroom – and which is your cue to get prepared. At the end of your time together you’ll probably have another little chat before leaving. You can agree together when your next meeting will be.

For more advice on meeting with escorts in London see our other blog posts at the website You can call to book a date with one of our escorts on 07501 911 524.