10 Uniform Ideas for Escorts to Try

As an escort, you will meet many different clients with different fetishes and interests sexually. Cosplay ideas or costume play is a huge part of people's fetishes and often couples will role-play in costumes to simulate a sexual fantasy such as sleeping with a policewoman or nurse. 
As an escort, you can cater to these unique needs and help you stand out from everyone else by offering this dress up service. Many of these costumes are easy to find and cheap or can simply be put together with your own personal sense of style. 

So let's get into some costume ideas starting with:

Maid To Love 

A classic role play costume here, the French maid. Seen in popular culture for years sexy  French maids are often seen seductively dusting a room seemingly acting like there is something else she'd rather be dusting. Use this costume to show how playful you are. Your client might be feeling dirty and a maid is exactly what he needs. 

Vitamin Me 

Another classic is the sexy nurse costume. Many guys have fantasies of being helpless on the face of it or pretending to be poorly to have a sexy nurse in a tight costume 'aid' them back to health. Maybe your client suffers from erectile dysfunction you need to cure? Or maybe they need mouth to mouth because you caused a cardiac arrest you sexy little thing. Whatever your scenario you can be creative with it and this will impress your clients and can even get you new clients through recommendations or get a better average of repeat clients. 


A policewoman is a fun costume to try as the 'authority' aspect can be fun for you as an escort. Part of the fantasy is in this sutiation is, you're the boss. Also, police costumes usually come with kinky props such as handcuffs you can use or a cotch to pretend to be mean with. Just make sure the keys to your handcuffs are with you. 

Hose play

Firemen are used to coming quick. In this scenario make sure your client doesn't. Fire lady costumes are hot, pun intended, and you can have a lot of fun with the dialogue of a firefighter such as ' I love sliding down poles ' or ' I'm a firefighter, I know how to handle a hose', the more creative you are the more impressed your client will be and let's be fair, they probably need a firefighter around if things get too hot. 

Student Body Union

Schoolgirl uniforms are a popular fantasy among men. The reasons may differ but what remains constant is a short skirt and cute shirt is a desirable factor in role-play of course. The aspect of innocence is an attractive aphrodisiac and the opposite to the policewoman or nurse in terms of control. This is about shifting the control to the client so where you would dominate as a policewoman, he would dominate in this scenario. Switching the control in your sessions between you and your client can keep things interested for you both.

Ears To You 

The bunny costume or the bunny itself has generally been sexualised and seen as an icon for sex and adult entertainment largely in part because of Playboy. Playboy has been around since the 50's and the lifestyle magazine has since built an empire with a silhouetted image of a bunny's head. The bunny costume was popularised by 'Playmates' who are playboy girls either featured on the cover or inside the Magazine or work at the Playboy clubs where the attire is the bunny costume. Many men fantasise about having a chance to be with one of these playmates and with a bunny costume you can make that dream a reality. 

Pawsitively Hot

The catsuit is as tight and fun as they come. Felines are gracious creatures, who display emotions at a base level, great survivors, walk like models and have the prettiest eyes you've ever seen. Very similar to escorts. So the catsuit is perfect for you. Also, you can have more fun about the persona you adopt in a catsuit as they are all pretty general in design. Tight, black and sometimes come with a fun prop such as a whip or mask with cat ears but as far as your persona, you can choose from a number of fictional sexy characters who wear catsuits or adopt the cat persona such as Batman's famous 'Catwoman' character or Spiderman's less popular and hugely derivative 'Black Cat'. Maybe your escort is a fanboy, and this pussy will blow his mind. 

Shoot To Thrill 

The sexy army girl or female soldier is a fun costume as the military camouflage pattern is quite popular in general clothing. Maybe your client has served in the army before or is still in the army. This is a great way to show your appreciation for his service and since he probably see's more guys in the pattern than women, you can give him something familiar but different to look at. He may also enjoy taking orders from a sexy commanding officer, again the key here is creativity and to simply have some fun. 

Gimme A D...

Although more recognised in America since Cheerleading is a way bigger sport across the ocean, the uniform is still a popular sexy costume. Many people grow up on American TV and movies and we are accustomed too seeing or being aware of things that aren't necessarily 'British'. Cheerleading is one of those aspects, and many peoples first crush was probably a character who was a cheerleader on TV. You can also have fun with the costume props like pom pom's and the design or team you choose can be more specific to you or even a team you like or your client likes if you follow American sports at all. Either way, the costume is a popular role-play costume and you're sure to get a few cheers out of your client with this outfit. 

Plane and Simple 

Many people fly and travel frequently on aeroplanes. Some of your clients will be businessmen who travel regularly and take flights regularly and have probably spent a considerable amount of time fantasising over the beautiful stewardesses who serve them. This is the perfect uniform to fulfil that fantasy and have a bit of fun. The uniform is easy enough to find or even put together as it's generally a blue woman's suit with an ascot and hat. The suit is generally blue but can be found in white and red. So Explain your safety instructions first, and then proceed to take your client on a trip he won't forget. 

So there we have it, 10 fun ideas to try with your clients as an escort. Keep in mind many of these costumes are personas so if you are planning to role-play, don't forget the role while you play, if you would like to see which escorts love to wear uniform then you can do by clicking here