How to keep things interesting when with a cheap London escort

Could you ever get bored when being with an escort? Apparently so – especially if you have been seeing the same girl regularly for a number of years. And, just like ‘civilian’ relationships (ie with a wife or girlfriend) your escort relationship may need a bit of pep too.

That’s because no matter how gorgeous and fascinating your saucy escort is, the habit can definitely become routine. So, apart from avoiding meeting each other on the same days and at the same time – and in the same location – how else can you inject some novelty into your dating of lovely ladies here at AJ London Escorts so that you never become bored? Well, read on...

Meet ladies from all around the globe

Why see the same lady all the time? We work with hundreds of beautiful, fun and fascinating girls here at AJs. We have, in fact, a veritable sweetie shop of lovelies – why restrict yourself to just the one flavour? You can date Swedish girls, Latin American lovelies and even Russian runaways; find out about their cultures, upbringing and listen to all the different sexy accents they deliver. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. So indulge.

Embrace role-playing

Unless you play out the same scenario every time, with the same characters and similar endings so that the whole thing becomes predictable, role-playing is guaranteed to never get dull. You and your escort could take it in turns to develop a new fantasy every time. When it’s her go, expect the unexpected.

Rotate the type of escort you go for

Here at AJs, we offer so many different types of escort to our clients that it’s almost impossible to get bored. For instance, we offer gorgeous girls who specialise in watersports, other who like nothing better than a bit of bondage (where they are either submissive or dominant versions) escorts who enjoy indulging their clients in their love of all things foot-wise and hardcore escorts.

Meet in a neutral venue and pretend you don’t know each other

Civilian couples do this all the time because it’s so much fun and exciting once you get into the part – go to a bar and adopt different personas then approach each other and act out a drama of ‘picking each other up.’ Play a different persona every time so that it becomes a bit of a guessing game.

Hire two escorts instead of just the one

Have double the fun next time you meet with your regular escort by asking her to bring a friend along. The fact the two of them already know each other means there will be no initial awkwardness and all you have to do is bask in the admiration of two little ladies instead of one. Get her to bring a different friend along next time for even more variety.

Intrigued by any of the above that you’ve perhaps never thought about before? Then why not check out our full gallery for a comprehensive guide to all the incredible girls we have available for you to book.