Situated at the end of the Central line, Ruislip residents are the typical London commuters who travel in and out of the city for work. The town is based in the furthest West London area you can access from the tube system and plenty of people visit in search of the countryside. A quiet and reserved area, Ruislip is not known for its exciting history or even an exciting present but one thing which is exciting is the presence of our stunning Ruislip escorts.

Ruislip Lido is the place that most people head to in the summer. It has a manmade beach and a reservoir that people can swim in so if there are a few hot days in the summer, this is where you will find most city dwellers who cannot bebothered to make the trip to the coast. Indeed, you might think you are on a St Tropez beach given the bikini clad beauties you will see however never fear as these are just our Ruislip escorts catching a few rays of sunshine.

The Grand Junction Canal company created the reservoir in 1811. They bought land from Kings College in Cambridge then dammed and flooded the area. It was designed to be used as a feeder for the canal however when it was clear that this would not work it was abandoned until developers saw its potential as a Lido in 1933 and set about redeveloping it. The same café and changing rooms are still there and there are still rowing boats for hire. This is a great place to go with our Ruislip escorts to simply mess about on the water although we would advise that you go there early on a nice day as it gets really busy. The Lido area is actually very large and even has a pub ‘The water’s edge’ sited on it. Getting around is fun on the miniature railway that has been in situ since 1945. This is certainly a great day out and highly recommended by those escorts Ruislip who have been there.

A Great Variety Of Escorts In Ruislip

Being such a traditional suburban area there is a busy high street with all the restaurants and bars you would expect. The choice for dining out includes those high street chains that we all know and love. Nandos, Pizza express and all those casual dining options are available however when you are on a date with our escorts in Ruislip you will want to choose something a little bit more special and in this case we can recommend Miller & Carter. A stylish steakhouse you can enjoy succulent burgers, ribs and steaks all washed down with some perky cocktails however if you happen to prefer a vegetarian option then Zaza Italian might be the better option. Most of our escorts in Ruislip tend to be meat eaters although if you prefer to enjoy a date with an escort who is also vegetarian then do let us know and we can see if we can match you with the ideal partner in Ruislip.