For the longest time now, the borough of Lewisham has been renowned for its unique, Victorian housing. But over the last few years, modern towers and other commercial buildings have sprung up. Nowadays, SE13 is home to many world class restaurants, clubs and bars, movie theaters, and so much more. The escort industry is a thriving one, thanks to the huge demand for Lewisham escorts from visitors, tourists, and even Londoners themselves. As a Londoner or visitor visiting Lewisham, there are a thousand and one things to indulge in with your new catch. Looking to have a lunch date with a loved one, away from the preying eyes and gazes of most? Or looking to attend a music performance, watch a movie, go clubbing, pick the best London escort, to mention but a few? SE13 has it all for you. Below are some interesting suggestions of some things or places you should try visiting the next time you’re in Lewisham.

The Horniman museum in Forest Hill is a good place to start with. Set in plush, lovely gardens, the museum is unique in that it has a lot of diversity. Besides, it is not as fully packed as the Natural History Museum; the latter is often packed with tourists, robbing you it of the serenity needed to help one digest the exhibitions. If you’re looking to while the time away with your Lewisham escort, then you can be assured that Horniman Museum is a perfect bet; you’ll have much to see, and the serenity you both need to bond better.

After spending hours touring the museum, you’re exhausted and hungry. What’s the best restaurant or eatery around? Or should you just pop into any that you come across? Well, while there are numerous restaurants in Lewisham, each unique in its own way, there are a few exceptions. Villa Moura is unique in that it’s famous for the sumptuous seafood that they serve. Forget the usual, common meals that you can find in almost every South London restaurant; Villa Moura has built their reputation on serving fresh, nicely done sea foods. The atmosphere is homely, the staff extremely hospitable, not to forget the impressive Portuguese finish that the restaurant’s interior has used.

After gobbling down your sumptuous meal, you can decide to visit a local library like the Manor House Library, go teeing at the green mini Golf, depending on your interests and hobbies. But in the evening once you’ve had your day well spent, it’s only right that you end it perfectly. A glass of wine or some beers at the famous Dacre Arms is a perfect example. This popular pub hosts different bands almost every night, and they are one of the few joints in Lewisham with a license to operate till late. Again, if in the company of an escort and are looking to while the night away dancing and partying in SE13, The Dacre Arms never disappoints. The fact that there’s also a beer garden where you can relax over conversations and more drinks, gives the pub a unique feel of serenity and homeliness.