AJ London would like to give you a warm welcome to our Kingsbury escorts page, home to a magnifecent selection of beautiful and educated women here to please and tease and offer long lasting memories which you can treasure, begin you search today and book in with our agency either by phone or the online booking form. Despite being located in North London, close to Wembley in the London borough of Brent, Kingsbury is a small town of just 2.7 miles squared. Development on the scale of most London areas did not happen here, instead the area maintained an almost village status which makes it all the more desirable today. A quiet, residential area, Kingsbury does suffer from a lack of night time economy however the local residents seem to be perfectly happy with making their own fun with our Kingsbury escorts.

The arrival of the metropolitan line station in 1932 drew in more people to the area and the subsequent reorganisation of the train services meant that Kingsbury featured on the Bakerloo line gaining it access to Baker Street and the West End of London. For a night out on the town locals use this service to get them into the city in under an hour although nearby Stanmore is often the more popular choice. Our Kingsbury escorts offer an outcall service which means that they are not limited to spending time with their companions in a particular area. Just because client book their dates with our Kingsbury escorts does not mean that they are unable to go anywhere else!

Local links with aviation started in the 20th century when 20 homes in Stag lane were built to house aircraft workers and their families in 1909. The importance of this industry served to improve the fortunes of the area with other smaller industries springing up and the granting of a railway line I an otherwise unimportant area. Once manmade flight took off, the aviation industry boomed and over 1000 homes were built in Kingsbury between 1931 and 1933. At the time, Kingsbury was the fastest growing area of London however in the post war years when aircraft building moved elsewhere the growth of the area stagnated. At AJ London escorts agency, we don’t just serve the big areas of London like other escort agencies. Our escorts in Kingsbury like the fact that the area is relatively quiet as it means they tend to get to know their companions much more than if they were in busier parts of London. There is a more intimate feel about this quiet area although it shouldn’t be underestimated in what it has given modern society.

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John Logie Baird sent his first experimental TV transmissions to Berlin from the old stable block of Kingsbury manor. This is now the veterans club in Roe Green park, which itself has enjoyed a varied lifespan. The park actually featured in a pop video for George Michaels single ‘round here’ in 2004 and includes the lyrics ‘I hear my mamma call, in Kingsbury Park’. Since the singer’s early demise, all his old recordings have enjoyed a surge in popularity and the park has noticed an increase in the number of visitors in the months that followed his death. Many of our escorts Kingsbury were fans of the singer although many were still very young when he was part of the original pop band Wham. So have ‘faith’ and contact our agency to make a date with our gorgeous Kingsbury escorts and make your own fun in this quiet village in London.