With such high profile neighbours in Maida Vale, Cricklewood and West Hampstead, Kilburn has always been the black sheep of the area. Kilburn did try and join the upper echelons of society with the discovery of a well in 1714. The waters were found to be rich in Iron and were promoted in the media of the day as being a cure for stomach ailments. A Leisure garden and a tea room were opened with the aim that Kilburn might become a spa town near the city however it did not capture the imagination of the nobles and the well closed down. Kilburn did become famous for medicinal waters of the alcoholic kind though and still today there are plenty of pubs that you and our Kilburn escorts can visit together.

Kilburn became known as the 33rd county of Ireland for the high number of Irish immigrants who settled here in the mid 19th Century. The arrival of the railways to the area brought a huge number of navvies as they were known, young men from Ireland looking for work on the roads. ‘County Kilburn’ gave up all hope of becoming an affluent area and simply went with the flow of the local demographics. It was said that Kilburn was as far as the men wanted to walk upon arriving at Euston station. Today it seems the Irish are able to travel much further! In its heyday you could not walk 200 yards without coming across an Irish pub although the area was always very welcoming and friendly. Even today, there are still a couple of Irish pubs left which are great to enjoy an afternoon or evening in but the developers have taken over and Kilburn has lost a lot of the Craic. Don’t despair though as our portfolio of escorts in Kilburn has some beautiful Irish beauties to spend time with. Kilburn is full of second generation Irish and so many of our Kilburn escorts have Irish parentage and a love of the emerald isle. If you are Irish yourself and feeling a little nostalgic then we can certainly help in terms of companionship whilst in the area.

Our Escorts In Kilburn Are Simply Delicious

At AJLondon escorts we like to ensure that our portfolio is filled with all types of ladies that our clients may want to spend time with. We know that many local London areas have a diverse population and we aim to reflect this in the galleries of our agency. Our Kilburn escorts include women of Irish descent as well as Eastern European and Asian stunners as this is the local demographic. Why not spend some time browsing our gallery or even give us a quick call and we will match you with escorts Kilburn who are right for you.

Once you do find someone who is right for you, you will want to think about where to go on your date. Of course you can opt for the usual single hour encounter where our escorts visit you at home or you can choose to explore the area a bit together. Little Bay Kilburn is a bold little restaurant whilst Rafkins is slightly more traditional. Kilburn Ironworks is a busy gastropub with a lively atmosphere and some great music at the weekend and perhaps this is where you might want to start off, just to break the ice.