Hayes is an unremarkable suburban district of Bromley is South London. Little has changed over the course of time with the exception of gradual residential expansion to provide homes for the commuters who bear the daily schlep into the city or to their jobs at the ever expanding Heathrow airport. Where many London areas have diversified and welcomed a vibrant multi-cultural community, Hayes has been overlooked by immigrants since it was first founded in 1177. Development has of course taken place but it was not until the electrified trains were introduced in 1925 that the area flourished. The easier commute into Charing Cross meant that families could now live comfortably outside of the city in homes built on new garden estates. Each new decade saw a new residential development built until the area was saturated with home owners. Hayes is one of the very few areas in London which has 90 per cent home owners and 92 per cent white residents! Many of these residents have a voracious appetite for pleasure and they seek to fulfil their desires in the company of our gorgeous Hayes escorts.

At AJLondon escorts agency we pride ourselves on the fact that our portfolio is brimming with all types of ladies. Whilst Hayes may be the stereotypical middle class suburban area, the personal tastes of the locals are not and that is why we ensure that our Hayes escorts have their own unique skillset that set them apart from the rest. Behind the neat net curtains of suburbia is a hot bed of adventure and erotica. All fantasies can be fulfilled in the company of our high desirable and creative escorts in Hayes so it is no wonder that dinner dates and weekend encounters are not as favourable as single hour trysts.

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George Orwell once visited Hayes but was not impressed by the lack of imagination in the area and of the residents themselves however our escorts Hayes beg to differ given their unique perspective on the locals! The close proximity to Heathrow airport should have injected a few exotic residents, even a transient population lost on their way to the airport however this was not to be and the only exotic visitors are our stunning Hayes escorts.

Things may of course change in the next few years, especially with the introduction of the new Crossrail service. Hayes to Paddington is promised to take just 20 minutes and 33 minutes will get you to Reading if you go the other direction. Stratford will be accessible in just 36 minutes which all opens up the possibility of more residential building to perhaps home a more culturally diverse population. The most adventurous thing the area can boast is the presence of some delightful Indian restaurants. Traditional menus, home cooked with care and attention are one of the few things to add a touch of spice to the night time economy unless of course there is one of our Hayes escorts involved and that adds a new element to hot and spicy!