Here you have landed on our Forest Gate escorts page, begin to browse the elite and stunning female companions we have in this area for you to experience some "alone time" with, our girls are fun, flirty and friendly and you can either book online or by email. The area in which Forest gate now stands was once part of the extensive forest of Waltham. At around the time of Edward the confessor in around 1050, the town of Hamme (the areas which would be East ham and West ham) exist however Forest Gate was literally just forest. As Hamme developed further into the forest land, trees were cleared and cows were allowed to graze. A gate was constructed at the entrance to the grazing lands to keep the animals contained and subsequent development in the area became known as forest gate. The woodland still borders Forest Gate today although the gate itself was removed in the 19th century. Known as Epping Forest now, it is a wonderful place to enjoy a stroll on a summers day and a place that our Forest Gate escorts love to visit.

Forest Gate seemed to get off to an excellent start at the turn of the18th century. With the availability of so much land, many members of the Quaker order chose to build their mansions here. Quakers are members of a religious movement known as the Religious society of Friends. They are thought of as the earliest form of freemasons and Forest Gate was home to many of their leaders. Described as natural capitalists, members of the group certainly seemed to do well in business with early members including Joseph Gurney a banker who helped form Barclays Bank, John Cadbury who made chocolate, and many other founders of what are now multinational companies. All these gentlemen had homes in Forest gate so it was not surprising that the area was hailed as the millionaires’ row of London. Our forest gate escorts could attest to the fact that this is not quite the case now however these early capitalists have paved the way for the new modern professionals moving into the area.

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Forest Gate has continued to be quietly producing leaders in all fields of excellence. Senrab FC is a Sunday league football team which is based at Wanstead Flats. It trains youth teams between the ages of 5 to 17 and has been the springboard to success for professional players such as David Beckham, John Terry, Sol Campbell, Jermain Defoe and Ray Wilkins. The games are open to all and on a Sunday morning the sound of whistles and cheers fills the air in the Forest Gate area. If you have enjoyed an overnight encounter with our Forest gate escorts, why not have a wander over in the morning and let the fresh air wake you up! Stars of the screen and stage have also come out of Forest Gate including Idris Elba who speaks highly of his childhood in E7.

Forest Gate is now home to a variety of different people from all walks of life. A recent influx of Eastern Europeans has changed the local demographics but only enough to enhance the local area. Our escorts forest gate portfolio is a mixture of beautiful Eastern European escorts as well as plenty of exotic Asian beauties and so should appeal to the local population so no matter what your tastes in women, AJLondon escorts agency has the widest choice of escorts in Forest Gate than anywhere else.