Hello and welcome to our Camberwell escorts page, home to a wide variety of young and sexy ladies working for your outcall satisfaction! Whilst it is generally believed that the Romans built London, there are plenty of opposing texts which state otherwise. In early history, the Saxon kings ruled much of the land however not all of it. There were still pockets of settlements which were ruled by the Celts and indeed an invasion by the Trojans actually helped the modernization of many places. Camberwell is one of them. The leader of the trojan invaders was Brutus. One of his sons was called Kamber and after taking control of the south of England, Brutus distributed the land equally between them. The trojans brought with them the knowledge to find water hidden beneath the ground and so dug wells. Camberwell is said to be an ancient Well which is named after the early ruler. All this may seem like myth and legend but then again, the greatest book of all was written on hearsay by people who came long after the fact! Our Camberwell escorts like to think that the history of the area is based on something more than a well for lepers as is the generally accepted historical explanation for the area.

‘Rare doings at Camberwell’ was a phrase which heralded the arrival of the Camberwell fair. An annual event which lasted three weeks initially, it certainly stood the test of time from 1279 to 1855. In the same way that the May Faire was regarded by locals so too was the Camberwell fair. Camberwell had become a middle class area and had moved away from its farming and rural industries. The rowdy behaviour of those attending the fair was looked down upon and caused moral outrage very much like the type of behaviour we would apply an asbo for these days. Sadly there is no longer a fair at Camberwell so if you are looking to cause moral outrage then our adventurous Camberwell escorts could be your perfect partners in crime. Given that it did not take too much to cause a Victorian lady to faint, perhaps they were the very first snowflake society, modern society does seem to be made of sterner stuff.

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If you want to raise a storm in Camberwell today then you will want to head off to any of the local pubs or nightclubs. Everything is so much more fun when you are part of a group so why not call AJLondon escorts to see which of our stunning Camberwell escorts is available. If you are feeling brave you might want to make a booking with more then one of our girls. Lots of our stunners are happy to enjoy duos so why not take advantage of the opportunity? The sun of Camberwell is a great choice as is the Old dispensary and the Grand Union. For something a little different why not try the jazzlive at the crypt. Held in the crypt of St Giles, jazz musicians from all over the world play here and our escorts in Camberwell love these evenings in the original 11th century crypts. The acoustics are fantastic and a 3 course meal is very reasonable. We would advise early booking since these evenings get booked up pretty quickly. If you call and make a date with our escorts Camberwell and mention that you are interested in the jazzlive nights, we will see if we ca help with the arrangements.