If you’ve never been to Bracknell, then now is the time to book a Bracknell escort and head on out there – especially since the opening of their fabulous refurbished Coral Reef Waterworld by none other than Sophie, HEH The Countess of Wessex, a mere two months ago. There you’ll find five new waterslides as well as a huge Pirate Ship for the kids and a relaxing sauna for the grown-ups.

Far more adult leisurely pursuits though can be found though in Bracknell Forest. Both the rivers Blackwater and Cut run through this gorgeous woodland which boasts an abundance of wildlife. Meanwhile, you’ll find whole species of wonderful native birds – such as the Woodlark and Dartford Warbler - in the nearby Thames Basin Heath.

If you would rather mountain bike than walk in Bracknell’s native woodlands with your lovely professional and discreet escort, then head for Crowthorne Woods or Swinley Woods.

What are escorts in Bracknell like?

The town of Bracknell itself sits a mere 33 miles outside London. However, Bracknell escorts who reside here tend not to think of themselves as Londoners. No, they are far more countrified than that. This was, after all, a village until after the Second World War – at which point it became known for its brick manufacturing industry.

That’s not to say though that we don’t have gorgeous girls from international locations living in Bracknell as well as girls who have grown up there. Despite their origins all of our girls have one thing in common – they’re drop-dead gorgeous (we wouldn’t employ them otherwise). There’s a choice of shapes, from tall and lithe or athletic to curved 50s style and busty.

Where to visit with your Bracknell escort.

As well as visiting the local woods, history fans might want to go and see the 17th-century brick manor house – built by local bricks and the recipient of a few priests' hiding holes. Even more interesting though, in our opinion, is the fact that the pub next door – known as The Hinds Head – was a favourite of none other than highwayman Dick Turpin.

And no-one would blame you if you happened to pop into South Hill Park Manor to take around this 1760s mansion with its Arts Centre and the Wilde Theatre, named after the great man Oscar Wilde himself.

How to book a date with an escort in Bracknell

If you’d like to be shown around some of the wonderful woodlands mentioned above by one of our native beautiful Bracknell escorts, then why not consider booking a date with one? We recommend you check out the Bracknell TripAdvisor where you can get a whole range of date ideas for you and your Bracknell escort.

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Take a look through both the photographs and profiles of the girls and once you’ve decided who you want to explore the area with simply call us at 07501 911 524 or write to us via the email address at our website https://www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk/