Welcome to our Angels escorts page! The Angel in Islington, North London has a long and colourful history which spans many centuries. It has always been a well-known landmark which started out as a coaching inn on the outskirts of the city. Even during the time of the Saxons, it was a natural settlement due to its proximity to fresh and clean water. Over time as London grew, trades settled near the Inn and a small district began to emerge adopting the name for the wider area. Our Angel escorts love the vibrancy of the area and indeed the fashionable district is very well suited to their needs due to its excellent location and abundance of local amenities.

Angel was not always so highly regarded. In the 16th century when most of the surrounding area was fields and pasture, it required travellers to employ escorts too protect them whilst they crossed these open areas. Rife with highwaymen and bandits, the Angel Inn was a welcome sight as visitors approached. The area today is somewhat less problematic. Locals now tend to be high flying professionals who are only interested enjoying life to its fullest extent, and that of course includes enjoying the wonderful company of our Angel escorts whenever they can.

The Angel pub declined in the 19th century and was used for a variety of different uses including a brewery, a post house and a tea house. Today it is a branch of the co-operative bank although there has been a new pub of the same name built a little further along the Pentonville road. This is a great place to meet with our Angel escorts so that you can have a couple of drinks whilst getting to know one another better. You might decide to go out somewhere to eat or maybe just go back to your home or hotel for a more intimate encounter but whatever you choose to do, this is a great place to make your plans.

Our escorts in Angel are available for a variety of encounters. Our London escort agency is available 24/7 to take bookings so even if you want to make a date at the last minute AJLondon escorts will usually have plenty of choice within our available gallery. You don’t have to say in the Angel either as there are so many different bars to choose from. The Ladybird bar serves cocktails in oversized martini glasses and has regular club nights or the Axis bar and restaurant in the Hilton hotel is the ideal atmosphere for something more elegant and refined. The bar with no name on Colebrooke Row is something of a speakeasy which is a great atmosphere to enjoy naughty cocktails with our even naughtier escorts Angel. If you happen to be staying at The Hilton then it is simply a ride up in the elevator to continue your date in private although if you live locally then you will know that there are always plenty of cabs or uber cars available to whisk you away to enjoy the rest of your encounter away from the rest of the world.