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Welcome to one of our most viewed sections, the Busty Escorts London page, if you are looking for a date with a large busted escort In London then look no further. This section of our website is extremely busy, if you see a girl you would love to book then please time is of the essence as they are booked out with great regularity. We are always recruiting Busty London Escorts as our regular clients love fresh faces although many of the girls have a lot of regular customers. 

Here at AJ’s London Escort Agency we have the finest selection of Busty Escorts In London. To go along with all our other portfolio sections, we pride ourselves with our selection process and as you can see in the pictures our Busty London Escorts take a center stage. If you are on this section as a Busty Escort if the choice you are looking for then fantastic, have a browse across our girls and you can positively choose the girl of your dreams or for a more social occasion a read head turner.  Yes she will look fantastic accompanying you as a Busty Escort on your arm signifies wealth to many onlookers. So if you are looking for glamour for yourself to enjoy or that to share across a room you can be sure that you are looking on the right section here.

When our clients are searching our custom built AJ’s London Escort Agency website we strive to cater for everyone with our ample escorts. Some men are attracted by lips, legs, height, hair colour or ethnicity, but the section men are most accustomed to is without question the Busty Escorts London section. There are men granted that like a small breasted lady and others that feel a handful is enough, but then on the other end of the scale is the males that love the larger breasted lady. When we have asked clients in the past why they choose a voluptuous lady they often reply as the bust is a very sexy part of a lady and the larger they can find the lady that much sexier. Whether its to view inside of clothes the curves still promote a sexy look.

Alllison, a beautiful busty European escort at AJ's

Busty London escorts

Many men find a bustier woman is more of a woman, so when you have the choice to get what you really would like then men choose from our Busty Escort In London Section, that is why we have the largest gallery for them. The perfect curvaceous shape to a woman for years has also been an hourglass figure, it have been promoted for many years as this is sexy yet many men mind find it sext and their girlfriend, wife or past companions may be smaller breasted, when becoming in a relationship it happens naturally, you do not get the chance to choose all the characteristics of how they look, their bust size, and so on but here at AJ's London Escort service you can, once you have decided what girl you would like with certain criteria then you can go across our various portfolios and choose the exact girl. And if that exact type is a Busty Escort then perfect, look at our amazing girls and make your dream date come true, as they will be no way disappoint.


The Front page of the Sun advertising Busty 22 year old Rosie from Middlesex

The big busty lady was fastly influenced to men through the Sun newspaper, Page 3, this aroused men to look and to like the larger breasted lady and from that a desire was born. Men found this sexy and appealing and was possibly more than they have been used to. It was and still is a common conception that big breast equals more beautiful and most sexy, is this correct we are not sure but if you are looking at our Busty Escorts In London page they it would be very hard to disagree with. These ladies on this section really do look a million pounds, having a date with one of these ladies would would feel like driving and expensive sports car, am sure when you arrive at the date that is the exact same look you would encounter, both from women of jealousy and men of desire. If you are looking for a beautiful lady and a show piece is a bonus then look no further, here we have the girl for you.

Enjoy having a browse across our Busty Escort London section, we have ladies with all shape and size busts, some from large which we class as  D cup ranging to extreme sizes such as double G breasted. You can see across the profiles and pictures in this section that most with large breast does not mean the girls are a large size, but many are slim and well endowed. In this section we boast some of our most beautiful London Escort on our books, we are always inundated with feedback and compliments from the clients who are lucky enough to have booked one of these beautiful, sexy ladies.
Many men see Busty Escorts as a fantasy, they may see another man walking in the street, or at a works do, or in a casino with a Busty Escort on their arm and think wow. When it comes to choosing an Escort they may go back to that though and decide yes I will be that man with the Busty Escort In London on my arm, whether you are going to the Casino or maybe a business function. 

Busty Escort: Status Symbol?

If you ask many men they associate busty women as a status symbol, they believe that other men would be envious as they want one but that is not true in all cases, but it really is a perception that many men believe, wow look at her she's beautiful and look at the size of the breasts, he must be rich! So although not the case it is a common perception of people and that can be why some men would chose from AJ's Busty Escort London section. If you see dating a Busty Escort like status symbol or like a trophy then that is fine, our girls at AJ's London Escorts understand this and if that's the case they will play on it for you, they will make sure you are the most envied guy in the room and make sure you have a fun time in the process.

A stereotypical image of a healthy busty girl is far from the truth, many believe that a big busty girl is a bimbo, as some also believe the same with a blond woman. A busty girl a bimbo, no not that we can see here at our London Escort Agency we do not hire girls just for their breast size, we have a very strict selection process and requires the girl to be smart, able to interact with all kind of men and be smart, with good communication and they must be able to have a good conversation.  So if you are loving the cosmetice of a Busty Escort London but have any worries or doubts that the girl you choose may not be smart enough to take on a business lunch or may not be the perfect date to explore a gallery as you like someone on your wavelength then don't be. our Busty Escorts can hold their own. If you have any concerns on a certain date then please contact us through our online chat service,send an email in or better still call us on the number provided. All the staff at AJ's London Escorts know our girls well personally and can give advice on each girl and are happy to recommend based on personal knowledge and from client feedback, so please book with confidence.

Many of the testimonials we get from our clients are similar or there is one point that is. They say whilst in public with a beautiful busty women they enjoy the feeling that people are staring, especially when other men are looking at their Zaftig woman.  

Here at AJ's London Escort Agency we promise that the girl you have booked will be the girl that turns up for your date, so once you have chosen the Busty Escort of your choice you can rest assured that you will be shortly enjoying her company on your date.

Whoever said that bigger is better must have been looking in our busty escorts section. I'm sure you will agree all our busty escorts look like a handful and a lot more. So don't be a big tit, book one of these lovely girls now.

If you would like more information just call 07501 911 524 and we will keep you a-breast of the situation.


Busty Escorts are here to Offer you Oodles of Fun and Entertainment 

We know how to read the inner recesses of the minds of gentlemen! Being in the adult entertainment industry for long and by catering to the needs of the pleasure hunters, we can sense the pulse of this industry, quite discerningly. We have received reviews, suggestions and feedback pouring in from men belonging to different walks of life and coming to us and most of them who are not charmed by the tall and lanky and thin-reed divas, often enquire about the busty escorts that we can book for them. We are AJ London escorts having a shimmering gallery of girls where the heavily endowed ones, with assets to kill are ready to meet gentlemen for overwhelming their senses. 

We are Very Strict While Recruiting

Knowing the preference of our clients, we at A J London escorts are quite careful in our selection process of the divas and when checking their profiles and stats, we do keep a vigilant eye on their eyes. Guys have a thing for the twins, epic cleavages and more of the divas and they dream and fantasize of juggling, fondling and playing with the soft juicy pomelos of the hot sirens! 

Busty Babes in our Gallery 

Hey are you looking for some fun and frolic with busty escorts from our esteemed agency?  When you check out our gallery and that playful chirpy busty blonde babe draped in little nothingness ( read a light pink babydoll dress) seem to say a ‘hello’ to you, that curvy, busty auburn smiling at you or the girl with oozing out assets is winking only clad in a skimpy skirt and stockings?  Well, are you at the edge of your seat fantasizing about them and gaping? Why not meet her for a date or a coffee? A J London escorts is here to help you choose your companion and roll in the realm of pleasure. 

Burst in the Bubble of Joy with Busty Escorts 

Whether you just want to lap it all in the soft, cosy bedroom of her apartment or have raunchy fun in a plush hotel room, A J London Escorts is here to offer you in-call or outcall escort services in tune with your preference. Make the best of our premium by booking on time. If you fail to make a booking in advance, still we can make swift arrangements for a meeting with your dream lady in the shortest possible time. Our busty babes are always ready to go out and meet you or wait for you in their well done up apartments, to satiate your senses.

We Care for the 2 P’s: Price and Privacy 

When you make plans of having a busty companion by your side, we take care of two things price and privacy. We charge very nominal rates for the paid hours of entertainment so that you are not drained financially. If you are worried whether this clandestine rendezvous will be out in the open, fret not, there will be not a single leakage of information as we respect your privacy. 

Just give a call at AJ London Escorts and have the best fun-time ever! 

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