Seeing two drop dead gorgeous wrestling escorts in London writhing about the floor attempting to pin each other down in an increasingly desperate manner is certainly quite a sight – and not one you are going to forget in a while if you have even just one erotic bone in your body. But when they happen to be wrestling with you – well, that’s when it gets really interesting.

What are wrestling escorts in London all about?

In the manner of describing what exactly is ‘on the tin’ wrestling escorts are girls who er, wrestle. Whether they wrestle with each other or you is entirely your decision as you are the client. Of course, you don’t have to book two wrestling girls; here at AJ London Escorts we also provide one-on-one wrestling escorts where it’s just you and the girl. Who wins depends on who is the most determined – and fit - of you both.

What do wrestling escorts London look like?

They may be fit and train a lot in order to keep their body’s athletic shape and suppleness, but our wrestling escorts are also very definitely gorgeous. In fact, many still carry out modelling work for lingerie and various fashion catalogues on a part-time basis. Certainly there is no big abs in a session with a wrestling escort – unless a client brings along his own!

Are they ‘real’ wrestling escorts London?

By ‘real’ if you mean do they train to wrestle and could they get pretty much any one of us reading this in a stranglehold then yes, they are ‘real’ wrestling escorts. When booking them you will see them showing off their techniques no doubt. These include half-Nelsons, upper cuts and the crutch move amongst others. Yes, these girls know their stuff...

Of course there is always the chance our stunningly attractive and very fit little ladies could actually hurt you and which is why it is important to tell your wrestling escort in London, in advance of your meeting, exactly how rough – or gentle – you want her to be during your encounter. The idea is to have a great time after all, not be in fear half the time!

How to book a wrestling escort London

If you are even the teeniest bit intrigued by the notion of our wrestling escorts in London then why not pop on over to our website right now and check out the Wrestling Escorts page? There you’ll find a bevy of beauties who, most likely, could all pin you to the ground in minutes (unless you’re some sort of martial arts champ or a wrestling competitor yourself).

Once you have decided on which particular wrestling escort you would like to get to know better then all you have to do is simply give us a call on 07501 911521 and we’ll get a meeting set up for you. If phoning isn’t possible then you can also email us at our website. Go on – why not have fun and go in to combat today?