Famously, Turkey - and Istanbul in particular - is a place where geographically east meets west (certainly now that the bridge is built over the Bospherous). And anyway, that’s exactly what you get when you meet with a Turkish escort in London. Or at least, one of our Turkish escorts here at AJ London Escorts (we can only speak for our own gorgeous gals, after all).

But anyway, what we mean by our introduction is that when you meet with one of our Turkish lovelies what you will be confronted with is a cross between Turkish exoticism and European sophistication. Take a look through our Turkish Escorts page to see exactly what we mean. You definitely won’t be disappointed...

What are Turkish escorts London like?

Turkish escorts working with us here at AJ London Escorts are, quite frankly, gorgeous. They have that beautiful olive coloured skin which, when combined with beautiful dark eyes and long, lustrous black tresses (or straight platinum blonde hair) is simply sensational. You’ll also find Turkish escorts to be particularly slender and even, in many cases, pretty demure. Or at least they seem to be quite until you get them behind closed doors and then their Latino temperament and exhibitionist streak comes out – Turkish belly dancing anyone? Everyone – we’d say!

What’s it like dating a Turkish escort London?

The part of Western culture that many of our Turkish escorts have adopted is the sophistication of stylish dressing. You’ll find your Turkish escort in London just loves to shop (and why not? She’s spoiled for choice right here in one of the world’s top fashion capitals!). These gorgeous girls turn out in the most delectable finery; with glamour and fashion being a pre-requisite. Having said this be prepared to pamper your Turkish a little (or a lot – depending on how much you like her!). Another Western aspect that many of our Turkish women possess is confidence and attitude. She’ll expect to be treated properly, which often means if you want to take her to dinner then head for somewhere pretty classy (she will certainly have made the effort to dress up for your date, after all!).

Turkish women were given equal education status when their country turned from an Islamic to a more Western state so your Turkish escort will definitely be able to hold her own with you conversation-wise and intellectually. Just don’t mention religion! Meanwhile you’ll probably find your Turkish escort is probably either studying or holding down a reasonably impressive day-time job.

How to book a Turkish escort London

Ready to meet with a gorgeous Turkish babe? If so, it couldn’t be easier. Simply take a look through the 100 per cent genuine photographs on our Turkish Escorts page and read through the profiles. If one – or two – jumps out at you then make a note, then pick up the phone and contact us here at AJ London Escorts. Alternatively, email via the Contact Us page on our website www.AJLondonescorts.co.uk. Rest-assured that we will always return your message as soon as we possibly can.