Tall escorts in London can be booked via ourselves here at AJ London Escorts. And they can be found easily enough; thanks to the fact we have a special page on our website dedicated to tall escorts in the capital.

Won’t a Tall London escort be too big for me?

Unless you particularly suffer from Small Man Syndrome (SMS) you will love being seen with a tall escort. These girls tend to be slender and even ‘willowy’ which means they look gorgeous in any type of clothing – whether tight bodycon dresses or a teensy tiny mini skirt and knee length leather boots.

In terms of actual height, you will find that a tall escort working with us at AJ London escorts will be at least 5ft 7” tall. In fact, we have many girls working for us here at the agency who are 5ft 11” and 6ft. Put three inch high heels on these lovely ladies and they seem absolutely Amazonian – and certainly mesmerising!

You can let your tall escort in London know before you meet with them if you would prefer they wore flat shoes rather than high heels if you yourself are around 5ft 10 and don’t want your beautiful escort to be towering over you. We’re sure she will oblige – although her calves may not look quite as beautifully sculptured in flat shoes, we have to say. And that’s another thing – all our tall escorts have incredible legs. So, if you’re a leg man and are thinking of booking an escort for a night out on the town – or a night in, for that matter – then we recommend that you definitely head for the Tall Escorts section on our website first, before you even glance at any of our other lovely ladies.

Where to take a Tall escort London

Have fun in the capital with your tall escort. If you’ve never been to London before then let her show you the sights. Even if you have been, we’re pretty sure you won’t have covered everything and there’s bound to be something new anyhow, whether that’s a new art exhibition, restaurant launch or theatre play. You might even want to go strolling, boating or even shopping together. In other words the world (of London) is your oyster; that tall escort on your arm, the pearl.

How to book a Tall escort London

Booking a tall escort in London is the same as booking any other of the gorgeous girls on our website. Once you have made your choice of girl (it’s a good idea to have two or three in mind in case your first choice is already booked for the particular night you’d like to meet) then simply call us on 07501 911524 or email via the Contact Us page our website at www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk.

If we don’t answer directly then we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We know how frustrating it can be to be kept waiting and it’s our policy to always respond to clients ASAP. You’ll find our lovely ladies are the same.