We have sexy and seductive Swedish Escorts in London who are notorious for their invigorating, yet highly sensual, massages. And then there is the fact that these tall blonde slender but big busted and athletic Swedes are also, let’s face it, drop dead gorgeous.

Actress Brit Ekland, TV presenter Ulrika Johnston, Ingrid Bergmann and Agnetha in ABBA. And, for you youngsters reading this, we’re sure no red-blooded male in his right senses would kick actress Alicia Vikander, model Frida Gustavsson or singer Zara Larsson out of bed (unless it was going to make them a cuppa – we joke!).

In fact, Sweden is often touted as the country with the most beautiful women on earth. Not only do they tend to have amazing figures and blonde hair, but also bright blue eyes. Doesn’t seem quite fair to women the rest of the world over really…

What are Swedish escorts London like to date?

Swedish escorts tend to have their pick of the crop. That’s because they just happen to be continually in demand (for all the reasons we’ve mentioned above). Not only do they receive lots of ‘first date’ clients because of their gorgeousness though, they also have very sweet and kind natures – and which, of course, ensures they get plenty of repeat dates too. In fact, so hot are our Swedish escorts that if you want to meet with one of our blonde Scandinavian babes then we would advise you get in touch a couple of days beforehand to make sure she’s available on your preferred date.

All of our girls are here at AJ London Escorts are professional and discreet but when it comes to discretion Swedish girls take it to a whole new level. They’re not what you would call ‘inquisitive’ so if your Swedish escort doesn’t ask you much when you first meet up, it’s not because she’s being rude but rather that Swedish culture dictates it’s ‘rude to pry.’

You’ll find your Swedish escort extremely outgoing in other physical matters though, especially dance. So do – definitely – head to a night club and watch those sexy moves go down on the floor. It’s quite something and almost as if Swedish women were born to groove. They are definitely less inhibited than their British or European counterparts.

How to book a Swedish escort in London

Meeting up with some of the most stunning Swedish escorts in London isn’t a problem – not if you come to us here at AJ London Escorts anyway. As one of the capital’s most highly-regarded escort agencies we tend to be one of the first choices for Swedish escorts in London. Yes, lucky us indeed!

So, to meet up with your Swedish escort, simply take a look through the relevant Swedish Escorts page on our website and, once you’ve made your choice of gorgeous girl (it could take quite a while to reach a decision!) then call us on 07501 911524 or send us an email through the reservations page on our website. Our girls are looking forward to meeting with you!