We appreciate the fact that many of our clients here at AJ London Escorts are interested in submissive escorts in London –  and because of this we have developed a very high-skilled and incredibly obedient list of girls who just love to play out this role (actually we’ve insisted they do!). Take a look through the submissive escorts page on our website to see what we mean and we promise you, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

What is an encounter with a Submissive Escort London like?

Well, as the word ‘submissive’ suggests, your escort is going to be incredibly tolerant of your desires – no matter how ‘dominant’ or ‘off the wall’ these appear to be. That’s because a submissive escort in London just loves to be manipulated and ultimately punished. Why? Because perhaps deep down there is a sense of unnamed guilt and a belief that she really does deserve that spanking or whipping that you know she needs in order to feel better about herself.

It’s not every beautiful London escort on our books that offers this selective service so we’re assuming you appreciate that and treat her accordingly – as you see fit! On the other hand, if she’s been naughty – and most of them are - then let’s face it, the only way she’s going to learn is through some sort of punishment.  And it’s you that gets to decide what that punishment should be. In itself that offers an amazing feeling, clients tell us. It’s a virtuous spanking, as it were. A spanking or whipping that does everyone the world of good.

Of course, some of our gorgeous girls don’t learn well enough with just the above. Sometimes a leash needs to be involved, handcuffs too. After all, they have to sit still long enough in order to learn what’s good for them. She may beg but it’s up to you to withstand her pleading. Be firm, remembering it’s exactly what she needs in order to improve. And improve she must!

What is being with a Submissive Escort London like?

Being with a submissive escort is a chance to let your imagination run riot. In this intimate position you are absolutely the boss and master. No-one tells you what to do – quite the opposite, actually.

Most of the time your submissive escort will revel in her role. She’s sick of being the dominant partner in a twosome and positively desires to be controlled. Don’t let her enjoy it though! As a slave she is totally in your hands which means, for her, she can abdicate all responsibility for her actions to you.

How to book a submissive escort London

Ready to feel powerful? Then get booking your submissive escort in London right now. Simply call us here at AJ London Escorts on 07501 911524 or get out your laptop and send us an email via the Contact Us page on the website. Your beautiful and incredibly compliant submissive escort is merely one incredibly good spanking away!