Spanking escorts in London are fabulous to have around. That’s because they tend to be gorgeous girls with great personalities, hearty laughs and a real sense of fun. And who doesn’t want to hang around with someone like that on a daily basis? Here at AJ London Escorts we pride ourselves on having some of the best spanking escorts in London (certainly that’s what clients have told us – and their actions are all the evidence we need to believe them when they book the same lovely ladies repeatedly, week after week).

What do spanking escorts London actually spank with?

We could answer this question with another answer – how long is a piece of string? That’s because spanking escorts in London use a whole range of items to spank with. Many just use their hands, while others have whips, leather straps (remember ‘the belt’ from school?), wooden paddles and, for the domestic fantasists or gardeners, rubber gloves.

What are spanking escorts London like?

Contrary to what you might think, these girls aren’t continually bad-tempered and bossy. They are actually some of the sweetest young ladies you could meet. It’s just when they get into their spanking escort role that they develop another ‘sterner’ personality. After your role playing session your spanking escort will no doubt want to console you – well, provided you’ve taken on board the punishment from your no doubt well-deserved beating!

Do spanking escorts in London get really violent?

Your spanking escort in London will slap as hard as you want her too – although it can be easy to get carried away. Actually, she has probably been offering this particular service for years and is extremely experienced in detecting when ‘a particular line is about to be crossed.’ In this sense then you can rest-assured that you’re not going to go away left hobbling down the street.

Can I turn the tables and spank my escort?

Provided your spanking escort in London agrees we don’t see any reason why the tables can’t be turned and you get to inflict a little punishment on her yourself. However, on the rare occasion a spanking escort says no then you can always book yourself an appointment with one of our submissive escorts – it’s their job to be humiliated – and they do it extremely well! Do let your spanking escort know beforehand though if you intend to take the strap from her and start carrying out your own form of punishment. It’s only manners – and may stop you receiving a black eye!

How to book a spanking escort in London

Get ready to be spanked if not right this minute then certainly today, by contacting us here at AJ London Escorts and allowing us to set up a meeting between you and your chosen spanking escort in London. Simply call us on 07501 911521 or pop on over to our website and send us an email with the name of your preferred girl, as well as when you would like to see her. We will do the rest