When it comes to seeking out Russian escorts London certainly here at AJ Escorts we have some of the most gorgeous – and that’s saying something! For Russian girls have a reputation as being amongst the most stunning in the world. The reason for this is the height (they tend to be tall) and general physique (they’re usually slim with long legs and pert butts). They also tend to favour wearing their hair long and wavy.

Earlier this year even Russian president Vladimir Putin went on TV to insist that Russian escorts were the most beautiful in the world.

What are Russian escorts London like?

In terms of facial structure, Russian escorts tend to have high cheekbones, blue and green eyes and fair skin (it must be all that cold weather!). There’s also a mixture of femininity and sensuality there that is hard to replicate.

They tend to dress incredibly well in a way that promotes their sexiness. It’s all about stylishness and sophistication – designer labels are big news as far as these particular ladies are concerned. As a result you can almost certainly expect a Russian escort in London to turn up in high heels and a sparkling, body tight dress that leaves nothing to the imagination. As a race they tend to like to show off their gorgeous bodies. And, really, when they look this good, who can blame them? Being this confident with their bodies, means they can be far more approachable than other escort nationalities.

Russian escorts are great listeners. These women like to pay attention to their clients – to the extent they will ask questions all night long and make sure their client is having the time of his – or her – life. Because of this – and the fact they tend to be extremely open and honest - they particularly excel in what is known in escort circles as the Girlfriend Experience.

If you like being with an intelligent woman then you’ve come out on top here too. as our Russian escorts tend to be the most sophisticated. Russian schooling is excellent compared to many western countries and these gorgeous young ladies tend to be extremely well read; so expect to be able to hold a very intelligent and stimulating conversation with your Russian escort.

How to book a Russian escort in London

The way you would book a Russian escort in London is similar to that of an escort of any nationality. First, take your time to scroll through the 100 per cent genuine photographs of the many stunningly beautiful Russian girls on our website; read through the profiles too in order to get an idea of whether or not the particular girl you’ve sought out would be a good match for your interests. Our Russian escorts in London tend to be very good at adapting to all kinds of occasions but as an extra measure we advise you take in all information on their profiles.

Next, simply call us here at AJ London Escorts on 07501 911524 or send us an email through the Contact Us page on our website. Before you know it you will be clinking glasses – possibly champagne but probably vodka - and saying ‘Na zdorovie’ (or Cheers!) with the best of them.