You may be wondering what we mean when we talk about Petite escorts in London. Well, when we say petite we don’t mean tiny, child-like or super-skinny, but rather our gorgeous petite-framed girls all have womanly curves and are perfectly in proportion (although some are certainly bigger in the bust department than others). The term petite just means that our gorgeous girls are between 5ft and 5ft 5” tall, and of slim – rather than ‘larger lady’ - build.

What do Petite escorts London look like?

You probably won’t be too surprised to hear that our lovely petite escorts come in a variety of hair colours, skin shades and nationalities. We have busty blondes, for instance, as well as beautiful tall and slim ebony-coloured girls, raunchy redheads and even mysterious and exotic Russian girls.

Of course, we can also provide you with a sweet peaches-and-cream British girl or a hot, sultry southern European. In other words, whatever type of petite escort in London you are looking for, we’re sure to have the perfect girl for you right here at AJ London Escorts.

Where do petite escorts London like to head for?

Our petite escorts all have their own individual likes and dislikes. Some of our beautiful petite babes like to provide sensual massage services at home, for instance, while others love going out and painting the town red. By that we mean dressing up and heading for one of London’s top night clubs. If you need some examples of the top nightlife hotspots in London to enjoy with your petite escorts, you can find plenty of info on our blog.

Other petite escorts are happy just to share an intimate meal and bottle of wine in a small bistro somewhere. Then again, we have escorts who love strolling hand-in-hand with clients in the park or along the beach.

Just let us know what you’d like to do with a petite escort and we’ll advise you on which particular lovely lady will meet your needs best. Of course, you can always narrow down the short-list yourself by checking out our Petite Escorts page on our website and scrolling through the profiles listed and where you will find a list of interests and favourite past time activities of each and individual delectable lovely there.

One piece of definite advice we can give you in terms of where to take a girl is that we’ve never known a petite escort in London to turn a meal down at somewhere like the Fat Duck or top chef Heston Blumenthal’s wonderful restaurant. And, to be honest, neither would we…

How to book a date with a Petite escort in London

Wondering what it’s like to spend time with petite escorts and don’t feel that you can really wait much longer to find out? Then stop fretting now. All you have to do is take your time choosing a girl from our website then ring us on 07501 911524 and we’ll get that meeting set up for you as soon as we possibly can. You can also send us an email through our website too. Either way we will receive your message and get working on your request.