Model escorts in London are relatively common in the capital these days – or at least, you will find plenty of escorts who say they are models. Whether or not they are genuine models isn’t always easy to tell, but you can rest assured that all of our model escorts here at AJ London escorts are indeed bona fide models – whether they model lingerie for catalogues, fashion for magazines, or pose as nude models. Certainly, you will no doubt have plenty of fun quizzing them about their jobs.

What do Model escorts London look like?

The vast majority of our model escorts are, as you would imagine, very slim, slender and drop dead gorgeous. Some of our girls are busty (those who model lingerie and pose for nude magazine shots) and some – those who work as ‘plus size’ models have wider hips and curvy figures and can only be described as the "perfect" model escorts London.

How should I act with a Model escort London?

In order to be able to take their clothes of – or at least strip down to minimal items – our models have to be very confident and unself-conscious of their bodies. And, certainly that’s what you will find when you meet up one of our model Lond escorts here at AJ London.

Most of our clients find it very refreshing to be with a woman who loves her body, and is aware of how sexually attractive she can be. In our experience, a lovely lady who is confident about her body, is one who tends to be a lot of fun.

There is no need for you, as a client, to be equally as confident though. Our escorts are experienced and realise that not everyone is as proud of their bodies as they are, and may be a little hesitant about how they look. So there really is no need to turn up looking like an Adonis – no doubt you’ll be glad to hear!

Where can I take a Model escort London?

Model escorts in London certainly like to show off their bodies in some wonderfully seductive and sophisticated clothing. They can do this at a night club, upmarket pub or impressive restaurant. You decide. It might be an idea to let your gorgeous escort know where you are going beforehand though so that she can dress appropriately. At the same time though, she doesn’t need to show off to the world – it’s you, her client, she really wants to impress so there is no harm in telling her what you love to see women dressed in. We’re pretty sure she’ll oblige as our escorts really do love to please; seeing the pleasure and appreciation in their client’s eyes makes them feel good too.

How to book a Model escort London

Booking a Model escort in London is pretty easy if you do it through ourselves at AJ London Escorts. Simply scroll through all the authentic photographs on the Model Escorts page of our website We warn you now – there are so many gorgeous babes on there, it may take you some time to get through them all!

Once you’ve made a choice simply call us on 07501 911524 or email via the reservations page on our website.