Are you ready to meet up with sexy Latex Escorts in London? If so, then here at AJ London Escorts we have some incredibly hot latex lovelies for you to meet right now. These are women who really know how to wear a black or red PVC lace bodice, mini skirt or body suit and, more importantly, have curves in all the right places for the material to cling seductively to. If you're curious on pricing, you can visit our rates page and see if our Latex escorts are within your budget!

Why choose a Latex escort London?

There is just something so sexy about latex; the look of the material, the feel and even its smell can prove erotic to many of our clients. By the same token many of our escorts – particularly those who practice domination techniques – won’t wear anything else. That’s because latex is their ‘working’ costume, if you like. Often just changing into this sensual fabric can feel like a personality change – and which is perfect for an escort who is about to impose some physical torture on a client! No-one wants to be going around doing that in their everyday life, such as the supermarket, after all. So, in this respect changing into her special costume is a pleasure and release for your Latex escort too. After all, why should you, the client get all the pleasure, all the time?!

What to do with your latex escort London

Nine out of ten times your Latex escort will indeed be of the dominatrix persuasion. In which case, get ready to receive a little spanking or a pretty big telling off and show of displeasure at the very least. You may even find yourself apologising and pleading for mercy. You may need to be physically restrained and detained at your Dominatrix’s pleasure, for as long as she deems fit (pleading at this stage would prove futile).

Remember though, that if you get a bit fed up being the submissive one all the time (even though you probably deserve it), then we also have Submissive latex escorts here at AJ London Escorts. That’s where you get to turn the tables, as they say, and do the restraining and punishing yourself.

How to book a Latex escort London

Once you have decided that you would indeed like to meet up with one of our latex escorts (although do let us know if it’s particularly a Domination Escort you would like to meet) then just get in touch with us by calling  07501 911524. Alternatively you can also send us an email via the reservations page on our website. You will be feeling that lovely slinky, smooth texture within no time at all.

Who you experience your titillating latex venture with is, of course, completely up to you. Just take a look through the special Latex Escorts page on our website and decide which one of our already sexy and gorgeous girls you would like to see dressed in latex the most. Meanwhile, Dominatrix escorts are listed to on a separate page if you fancy something a bit more ‘hard core'.