Hardcore Escorts in London are a fascinating bunch of women to be with, thanks to their ‘no holds barred’ attitude to life. They pursue a philosophy of ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ together with an adventurous outlook. In other words, they don’t really say ‘no’ to much; even if it involves a lot of pain for them.

If this type of lovely lady appeals to you then you could be in the market for a date with one of our Hardcore Escorts. Certainly if you’re fed up with ‘vanilla’ in the bedroom, then it’s definitely time for you to get in touch.

Just how ‘hard core’ do they go?

If you’re wondering ‘exactly’ what we mean by the term ‘hardcore escort’ then we’ll explain right here. What we’re talking about when we use that phrase is a woman who is prepared to ‘go the distance’ as it were ie nothing is too kinky or risqué.

That means including certain scenarios between two adults that would be not simply distasteful but also illegal in real life. Hardcore action, after all, is the stuff you see on porn movies. It’s where one person (usually the male) is dominant and goes all out to fulfil his fantasies.

Do I have to be fit to be with a hardcore escort?

Most hardcore activities involve a lot of action and so clients have to have plenty of stamina and strength in order to fulfil them. In that sense then an older man who is overweight really isn’t going to cut the mustard. So, if you fancy some serious interaction with a then it makes sense to start going to the gym at least a few months before your first appointment. Rest-assured your gorgeous hardcore escort will be making a ‘fitness’ assessment on your first meeting anyhow.

Is being with a always a one-on-one scenario?

We told you earlier that didn’t have many boundaries and that means that they are always willing to join in some heavy group action. So you’re perfectly welcome to bring along a friend (and we’re sure she has some too that would be interested in attending). This is the kind of thing that you will rarely encounter in ‘real life’ (unless you and your other half are part of a Swingers Group) and that’s what makes it all the more exciting and adventurous to partake.

Slapping and other forms of physical ‘torture’ can also come into hardcore escort activity. How much can you handle as the client? That’s what your escort is there to find out – and she, in turn, will be assessed on her pain tolerance.

How to book an appointment with a Hardcore Escort

If you believe you’re ready for some hardcore action with one of our gorgeous girls – who also happen to be completely professional and discreet – then do get in touch with us here at AJ London Escorts.

To get us to set up a meeting simply call us on 07501 911524 or contact us via our website.