Fantasy escorts London are a fabulous, fun-loving troupe of girls we have working with us here at AJ London Escorts. An imaginative lot, these girls are up for anything that sounds like fun and are always eager to try something new, especially if it guarantees pleasure for their clients. I suppose you could call it sociology in a way – ie the study of what makes people tick. Anyway, they are always incredibly keen to hear what you, the client, have in store for them (and vice versa in many cases).

What do fantasy escorts London use for equipment?

As long as your fantasy doesn’t involve a gorgeous escort turning up at your door, then it’s a good idea to use as a fantasy escort on an incall basis. This means going to your fantasy escort in London’s apartment. That’s because she will have all the equipment and items to re-enact any type of fantasy her client desires. Not only that but she’ll also be able to create a charged atmosphere and, with soundproofing, you’ll be able to make as much noise as you like without the neighbours banging through the other side of the wall!

How do fantasy escorts London spend their spare time?

We don’t want to spoil any lovely illusions you might have but really, fantasy escorts in London are just like the rest of us ie they go to the supermarket, pay council tax and feed the cat. The way to think of them is like an actress ie they get into part when they slip into their sexy PVC costume or the layers of white silk lace.

Our fantasy escorts also reflect the general population in the sense that we offer ‘big and busty’ fantasy escorts or long-limbed and lithe athletic girls and everything in between (check out our Fantasy Escorts page on our website to see exactly what we mean). There you’ll find sexy blonde girls, fiery redheads and brazen brunettes. There are also a host of nationalities to choose from – a redhead Russian would prove quite an interesting handful for instance as would a passionate Brazilian babe.

How to book a fantasy escort London

It’s really not that difficult to book a fantasy escort in London. Many escorts these days offer this particular service; you just have to make sure you find the right escort for your fantasy (or even fantasies – there’s no rule that says you only get one fantasy, after all).

And don’t feel all bashful about revealing what your fantasy is either; you may not want to do this within the first five minutes of meeting your escort but she’ll soon be able to put you at ease and you’ll no doubt find yourself murmuring about it to her. And remember, these girls really have seen and heard it all before so they won’t be in the least fazed at your revelations. To book an appointment call us on 07501 911521 or email us at our website See you soon!