Many of the top exclusive escorts in London can be found right here at AJ Escorts London. As one of the leading escort agencies in the capital we attract the majority of high class escorting talent in this world-famous location and it’s why most of our high class escorts are also lingerie models, or regular models.

It’s worth pointing out from the start too that you may find, when booking, that many of our top women travel internationally on a regular basis – such is their sophisticated and jet-setting clientele and whom they will travel to on a whim or a drop of the proverbial hat.

What is an Exclusive Escort London like to date?

Our exclusive escorts are impossibly gorgeous, stylish and sophisticated. They have to be – their rich clients have their pick and they’re not going to select a lady who isn’t at the peak of perfection in terms of fitness and gorgeousness.

This means you can expect an exclusive escort to be immaculately groomed and coiffure at all times. Even if a client lands in London and wants to see his high class escort urgently, he will always find her in impeccably dressed and poised (even if he is harassed to death!). Actually, that is probably why he will want to find his number one escort ASAP.

The reason being, that an exclusive escort is one who listens carefully to her clients and attends to their every single need. That could be providing a first-class stress-relieving massage or cooking a cordon blue meal together with a bottle or two of their client’s favourite wine. Or both on the same night.

Can anyone book an exclusive escort London?

As you might reasonably expect, exclusive escorts tend to be extremely choosy when it comes to selecting their clientele. But theoretically anyone can book with an exclusive escort in London – it’s whether or not this gorgeous girl wants to meet with you! Sorry to be so blunt there…

But certainly, this kind of high class escort expects to be wined and dined in very upmarket establishments. Her clients are often very successful international businessmen and will shower her with ‘little’ gifts such as designer clothing and expensive perfumes; even jewellery. Are you prepared to do that for your exclusive escort? She won’t actually expect gifts and trinkets regularly; it’s just something that has become part of her lifestyle.

How to book an exclusive escort London

So, if you feel you are indeed keen to meet up with an exclusive escort in London then take a look through the Exclusive Escorts page on our website and pick out a couple of girls you would most like to meet (in case your first choice happens to be out of the country when you ring and we will resort to your second choice).

Next, call us on 07501 911524 or send us an email via our website, telling us who you would like to meet, when and where. We will then contact your escort and arrange a meeting if possible. Or, if you're an escort looking to work exclusively with AJ London Escorts, feel free to fill in our employment form at