Fancy meeting up with an Erotic escort in London? We don’t blame you in the least! Especially when you catch sight of some of the beautiful babes we have working with us here at AJ London Escorts. As you probably know, London is a melting pot of nationalities and interesting cultures. And that means we have managed to attract women from a variety of countries to come and work with us.

We have, for instance, hot-blooded passionate lovely Latino ladies, cool and blonde Scandinavians, ‘out there’ Americans and lovely sun-kissed Aussie girls. There are also peachy keen Brits, of course, petite Asians and plenty of our fellow European ladies (that may be the case post-Brexit so make the most of their availability now!).

What type of service can you expect from an erotic escort London

Depending on whether it’s your first time with an erotic escort or not, the lovely lady you are meeting will either take instruction from you or sit you down, make you feel at ease then guide you in what she wants you to do. She will also spend plenty of time getting to know you and to find out what exactly gets you hot under the collar in a romantic sense.

Certainly not in the first session – unless you ask for it – but later (once she’s sounded you out) your erotic escort may wish to introduce you to role playing or even dominatrix services. She would never force this upon you and would always ask first but clients often find that it adds extra spice to their encounter and tend to forgo their original ‘vanilla’ experience in favour of the new one.

Some clients love ‘dirty’ talking more than any other activity and our erotic escorts in London are all highly skilled in this particular act. So much so that many ask to tape their encounter but unfortunately that’s not a service we offer! Maybe it is something we should think about though...

Meanwhile, other services offered by our erotic escorts include Submissive services where the escort ends up acting in a very subservient role. Again, this is something to discuss at your first encounter together.

Erotic escorts London always provide massage.

One of the most sensual and erotic activities our escorts can offer is a range of massage choices. Designed to stimulate many senses such as touch, smell and even taste, sensual massage is an amazing experience if conducted in the right hands – to the extent clients can often find themselves getting quite emotional at the end of a session.

How to book an erotic escort London

If you fancy the opportunity to meet up with one of our erotic escorts then check out the beautiful girls under the relevant category on our website and get in touch. For your reassurance, all the photographs have been taken relatively recently haven’t been photo-shopped etc. As you would expect, our girls are also very discreet and professional. Simply call 07501 911521 or write to us via the Contact Us page on our website