A Taste of British Refinement

When it comes to thinking about English Stereotypes, you may naturally assume that all British Girls are stuck up and act extremely snobby. But that is certainly not the case, especially if you are interested in meeting a fine English Escort in London. A British Woman is the sort of treasure that has a refined sense of class and dignity. No matter what they do, an English Girl will always retain her decorum and respect for the partner she is with. This is why you just have to meet with a Beautiful English Companion from Aj's London Escort Agency, just so you can see what feminine refinement truly looks like in the flesh.

Delicious Accents

Each nation can present a distinct array of beauties that can make a man's heart melt in an instant, however, it is obvious that when it comes to English Girls, their accents are seriously sexy. This is to the point where in a poll, created in 2015, to vote for the sexiest European accent, the UK came out on top with 27% of the vote. This is because, as Guy Winch, a psychologist on PsychologyToday, has said:

"We find British accents sexy and alluring, they also convey credibility, sophistication, and competence"

Every phrase that you hear from an English and British escort will seriously turn you on, especially if you have sexual fantasies regarding high-society. So take your time when getting to know your English Companion, she may even be willing to teach you a few phrases or British slang!

Unique Fashions

Of Course, if we are talking about British Women then we just have to talk about the beautiful fashion they possess. British women are never shy about exposing their aesthetic to the world, especially when it comes to their hair colour and fashion choices. Whether you choose a Blonde Brunette English Escort or a sexy BDSM beauty, you will always see that her style is completely unique to her and her own interests.

With fashion icons like Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham to follow, it is not surprising to see that their outfits only make their bodies look even sexier. They always know what sort of style suits their frame and whether it highlights their curves. Whilst they are not always perfect, they will always choose a style that will flaunt their best assets, whether that be their breasts, ass or waist, and make them look gorgeous enough to outshine a diamond. Their aesthetic is something that will always make you look good, so be sure to book a British Escort to take about the time. If she looks good then you will always look good.

Honest and Open

Not only do English Escorts have fantastic manners and are extremely respectful but even when they get excited, you will always find that they remain calm and methodical about a situation. No words are said unless she genuinely means them, which is why you can always feel assured that what she says will always be the truth. There is a reason why they are known as "English Roses". For their speech is delicate and pure, as they always choose to be honest about a situation and their feelings towards it.

They will always treat their clients with respect on a date even if they do not necessarily agree with their opinions. This is what makes an English Model so attractive. They are independent and self-confident, knowing that they are precious treasures and deserve to be treated as such.

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