What makes an escort fall into the ‘Elite’ category? This is something we have regularly debated here at AJ London Escort. What we have inevitably come up with is the agreement that an elite escort in London is one who is not just willing to give 100 per cent to her clients and her job, but rather 110 per cent. Ok, that may not mean much to some people reading this blog but read on our elite escorts London page and you’ll find out exactly what we’re talking about.

And what do we mean by a 110 per cent elite escort London anyway?

Well, no question – a good escort always puts her client first. But it’s the grade to which she does this that matters. You will find, for example, that an elite escort in London doesn’t just appease her client’s wishes, but rather she anticipates them beforehand.

In other words, she attends to them before he even realises he or she needs that massage, would love a particular theatre play, just wants a quiet evening in listening to music and sipping some vintage wine.

Does this all sounds a bit ambitious? It’s not really, if you have been working as an elite escort for a number of years you get to understand the wants and desires of your clients (and – like a wife - often much better than the clients do themselves!).

What are the attributes of an elite escort London?

An elite escort is jaw-dropping beautiful (of course), elegant, interesting and interested when it comes to clients and their colleagues. She will also perform like a social butterfly when necessary and is ‘switched on’ at all times, this is something you can expect every booking with one of our elite escorts in London.

She’ll be a fantastic mover on the dance floor and may even be able to rustle up an incredible culinary offering for just the two of you. Needless to say her massages will be out of this world.

Our elite escorts in London don’t all have a university degree or two under their belt, speak five languages and have read (and understood) the collected works of Poe. No, they do however, know how to look, sound and act fantastic so that their clients are the proudest men in the room when they enter with one of our knock-out elite escorts here at AJ London Escorts.

How to book an Elite escort London

If you would like to be accompanied to a glitzy or corporate event or just want to go dancing or dining with one of our impossibly gorgeous Elite escorts then it’s really quite simple to arrange.

All you have to do, once you’ve decided which elite escort London you’d like to meet with after scrolling through the profiles on our website, is contact us here at AJ London Escorts. Simply let us know when you’d like to meet and where, and we’ll take care of the rest. Pick up the phone now and call 07501 911524. Alternatively send us an email via our Contact Us page on the website.  We will always aim to return your message as soon as we possibly can.