Dinner date escorts in London can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. The secret to having a wonderful evening out with one of our dinner date escorts is to make sure you chose wisely in the first place. By that we mean, really spend time going through the girls’ profiles to find a lovely lady that you at least have interests or hobbies in common with. That’s because it spells disaster if you go on simply appearance alone. Do that and you may end up with stilted conversation and a wish to get back to the TV as quickly as you can – even if the food is top notch.

You can be heartened to learn, when scrolling through the photographs under our Dinner Date section, that all images are ‘real’ ie they aren’t photo-shopped, and that they have also been taken relatively recently.

What are dinner date escorts London like?

There is no typical dinner date escort as all our gorgeous girls offer different personality traits and aspects. Some of them are students, for instance, while others are models. A couple of our dinner date escorts are gym instructors and several are exotic dancers.

Some of our dinner companion escorts hail from further afield than just Britain or Europe. We have girls from Russia, Australia and even Japan. Often these girls have fascinating tales to tell of their homeland and fellow citizens.

Where do dinner date escorts London like to eat?

Our dinner date escorts may be experienced in culinary matters but they aren’t food snobs ie they don’t always insist on being taken to a Michelin-starred restaurant or the opening of some fancy new restaurant. No, they enjoy good food and wine in pleasant surroundings and certainly, London can supply plenty of that.

What foods should I avoid with a dinner date escort London?

If you mean, what foods end up making a mess of not just what you’re wearing but also the table and potentially your date, then we have a list of them right here:

Chicken wings – these aren’t a huge success when it comes to dainty eating, simply because they’re usually pretty greasy and covered in some sort of sticky red sauce that ends up everywhere, including around your mouth and onto your chin. Spicy Ribs ditto.

Burrito – the thing with burritos are that they’re completely collapsible. The minute you bite into that tortilla-wrapped bunch of meat, veg and beans, it’s going to end up spilling out all over the plate, table and your shirt cuffs.

How to book a dinner date escort London

Fancy dining out with one of our beautiful babes? We don’t blame you. Which man doesn’t love to be seen walking into a restaurant with a gorgeous gal on his arm? To get intimate in a culinary manner with one of our lovely ladies here at AJ London Escorts simply give us a call on 07501 911524 or write to us via the Contact Us page on our website. It really couldn’t be simpler! Once you've finished your booking with your gorgeous dinner date companion, why not leave us a review and tell us how your evening went?