Why our Escorts Hide Their Identities

Escorts come in all different shapes and sizes and from many different cultural, religious and social backgrounds. When browsing through escorts or if you are an escort yourself you will notice many escorts blur their faces out of pictures or use seemingly made up names, but why do they do this? What are the reasons an escort might want to protect her true identity and should you be offended if she's using a fake name? The answers no, but let's get into some of the reasons an escort may want to protect her true identity. 

From Family

Family an obvious one right? Many escorts want to protect their identity to stop a family member finding out as they may come from religious backgrounds that deeply forbid anything along the lines of escorting or cultural backgrounds where the subject is taboo. Other people may just come from backgrounds where their family members may still hold a negative stigma to escorting and won't understand why a person chooses this profession therefore it's easier for many escorts to just continuing to operate in private and keeping this separate from there private life with their families. 


Friends may not always be so understanding neither and may try to talk you out of it and fail to understand why you love your job. Again, regardless of if they respect it or not it's easier for many people to just make the decision to keep both aspects of their lives completely seperate. You may value your friendships and not want anything to taint or damage particular friendships you have and for this reason, it's easier to just never tell them. 


Escorting for some women is a very full-time lucrative profession. For others, it's a part time job and an oppurtunity to make a little extra cash so therefore escorts will protect their identities to stop other jobs they have going on from finding out. They may have jobs in offices or jobs where they represent their company with the things they do and their public image therefore that company finding out an employee who represents them is also an escort could lead to her being fired. 

After all, if she is representing a company who's field of interest is completely removed from escorting is understandable they wouldn't want a definiive link. This is no way to say escorting is a negative thing, simply to adress a clash of representations and industry. 

Social Media Exposure

The last thing anybody wants is to be exposed to social media. Not only are you exposed completely randomly and can be unaware of the exposure for a while, you can never really be certain how many people have seen whatever been posted and it can be difficult to find who originally exposed you. The entire mystery aspect of social media exposing is incredibly unnerving and not only have all your friends and family seen it but also the rest of the world so evidently, this is one of the reasons escorts protect their true identity. 

Obsessive Clients

This reason is far less common but still a factor in why escorts would choose to protect their identity. Some clients can feel a little too euphoric and think the connection they've made with their escort is deeper than the agreed arrangement. Escorts, not often, but every now and then may have to deal with clients who feel like they're in love or who may be trying to cross a privacy boundary and the last thing you want is someone stalking you online or even in real life so for this reason escorts protect their identity making them a lot harder to find online and keeping their information private to them.

Many of these reasons are not to portray escorting as a dangerous or negative job it's simply to make sure there is an understanding of why some escorts do what they do. Like any workplace, health and safety precautions are taken to make sure all members of staff are looked after and safe at work, and the escorting profession is no exception. So if you are an escort or contemplating becoming one, think about some of the things we've talked about, and most of all remember, have fun! Happy escorting.