What Makes A Good Escort

Anyone familiar with escorting or the companionship industry, in general, will know it's one of the worlds largest, most competitive, and one of the most lucrative industries in the world. The opportunity to make good money is available to all escorts and some of the most beautiful women in the world join this industry. Whether you're looking for a brunette teen or a blonde mature you can find her on an escort agencies site such as AJ London escorts for example.

We have some of the most beautiful women in a variety of categories ready for you to book at your earliest convenience but that's not what we're here to talk about today. We're going to talk about what makes an escort, and in particular what makes our escorts such amazing women worth every little piece of copper in your wallet.

So if you're already an active escort you'll be putting all this into practice already, if you're an aspiring escort take notes and if you're a client you might just appreciate you're gorgeous London escort a little bit more after you learn what it takes for our gorgeous girls at AJ to keep looking so fine.


Fun and Flirty

Might be a given to many of you out there but having a good personality is essential when escorting. This is an industry that relies on people, sometimes strangers, meeting each other for the first time and bonding. So it's important you have a good, fun personality that's enchanting and flirty.


Wanted Men

You have to make your clients feel wanted, after all, it is a service. Our ladies at AJ London escorts are brilliant at bringing fun young energy to the table. As an escort, you have to be able to compliment and boost your client's confidence. Some men may be booking your services exactly for this reason and feel like they need someone to appreciate them and stroke their ego a little bit, so you have to be creative and kind.

A fun and flirty personality will help relax your client as he feels appreciated and cared for and when your client is relaxed he will enjoy your services is a lot more.


Tailor Made

It's important you know how to read you're client. Some men know exactly what they're looking for and what they want out of a booking, other men don't really know what to expect or do and let the booking happen naturally.

For these type of clients it's important you understand what pace to take the booking at and make sure your client is comfortable all the way through. Some men have different styles in the bedroom, some are more giving than others, some men have different fetishes and pleasures they choose to focus on, understanding you're clients needs over yours and Tailoring your services to suit your client's needs will show them how much you know what you're doing and you're far more likely to get repeat bookings this way and have regular clientele.

So the next time you're with one of our gorgeous London escorts, take a second to think about just how much she's doing to make sure you're comfortable and pleased and enjoy you're booking.