We Do An I.D Check On All Our Escorts In London

If you've spent anytime at all browsing through the incredibly beautiful profiles on an escort agency website you've probably noticed many of the models will either blur their faces or crop there head from the picture completely and their is a very good reason why our escorts hide their identities. Whether your an active escort wondering or just someone looking to get into the profession then there are probably a few industry inside tips you should know and the reasons why escorts may choose to protect their true identities.

This ofcourse isn't true for all escorts as some are very happy to display their face and body in pictures and have no qualms about anyone knowing what they do for a profession, but for the women who do care they usually hide there faces and even use different names when escorting sort of like a stage name to protect their true identity.

Today we're going to get into some of the reasons for why an escort may choose to hide her identity online and even to clients in real life despite some studies within the industry showing that women who do show there faces in pictures statistically hold a higher rating of bookings so if you are contemplating escorting and you don't mind your pretty face being on show, then this is something you definitly want to do.

One of the reasons is because many escorts have an entire life outside of escorting holding down relationships and even commitements to other part-time or full-time jobs and understandably many of these women don't want there other jobs to find out about what they do. This isn't neccessarily an indication of a negative stigma linked to escorting but rather an executive decision.

Many companies look for loyal people and people who at the very least, seem completely committed to the company and having someone work for you who has to handle other tasks and has commitements outside of the job may prove detrimental to her performance for the company. Other reasons a company may let a person go after finding out they're escorts is because they may not want to be linked to the companionship industry at all and having a worker who represents both them and the companion industry can be seen as a sort of conflict of interest for the company.

Keeping Personal Life and Work Life Separate

Other reasons escorts may hide there identities is to avoid mixing up there social life with there active working lifestyle and a fear that friends may not understand or even support it. Like we mentioned, many of these bomb-shell women, just like the rest of us have an active life outside of work maintaining friendships with people who may be completely unaware of what they do and the risk of losing a friendship by exposing your job, isn't worth it for many women. Most will choose rather to keep the professional side of there life a private aspect leaving them in more control of the situation. Friends may not understand and even try talk you out of doing something that genuinly makes you happy so many escorts avoid having this conversation with there friends at all.

Family is a big one. People come from a range of moral, ethical ,religious and financial backgrounds all which affect how they behave and operate as adults. Some escorts come from religious and cultural backgrounds that may completely frown on this profession or just house holds with strong beliefs where participating in a job of this nature can be seen as taboo. Either way it's difficult for many escorts to explain and 'come out' so to speak to there families and this is another reason they may avoid having there photograph actively circuling agencies websites and such. If you are an escort and are planning to tell your family, it's way better for you to tell them yourselves then to have someone else tell them, Which leads us onto our next point, exposure.

The risk of getting 'outed' or exposed today is greater than ever with the introduction of smart phones and social media. With these being such a huge aspect of our lives it's very easy for people to slip up and get exposed online on facebook or any other social media sharing platform. The difficult thing about being exposed is you can never really be sure who exactly exposed you and finding out can be a next to impossible monumental task. It's also difficult to judge how many people saw your exposure and who knows about it, this can leave an unsettling feeling even after everything has been removed offline. Like we said, if you are going to expose yourself, you would rather it be you than some stranger.

So there we have it, in-case you were wondering why many escorts choose to hide their identities hopefully this article has helped you to understand and maybe even be more respectful and tactful of this and if you are an aspiring escort then this is definitly something worth thinking about.