Understanding Escort Etiquette

Yes, just like with other professions, escort etiquette requires that certain ‘standards’ are maintained when it comes to being with your lovely lady from AJ London Escorts. It can be considered a way of behaving so that everyone feels valued and knows what to expect from each other – both client and escort. In a way, it’s a set of ‘written guidelines.’ Here we answer some of the most common questions regarding Escort Etiquette in London:

What standards of hygiene are expected?

It practically goes without saying. one would hope, that cleanliness is a necessity. Put it this way, if you haven’t bothered showering for a few days then your escort is going to find you a real turn-off and which will certainly diminish your own pleasure. She may even refuse to see you and simply cancel your appointment.

Turning up without bothering to adhere to basic hygiene guidelines or dress well is an insult to your escort in London who will have gone out of her way to look drop dead gorgeous for you. Not only will she have bathed, moisturised, applied makeup and dressed to the nines, but she’ll also have been the gym, hairdresser, manicurist and had a pedicure – all for you. So don’t you think she deserves at least a shower from you as well as some consideration as to what to wear?

Do I have to be alone at home for an escort in London to call on me?

If your escort is visiting you at home then it could be frightening for her if you have a couple of friends there too; its good manners to just be there on your own and she’ll probably leave otherwise. If it’s you who is visiting her abode then respect her privacy and keep the address confidential. In addition, by all means, turn up with a bottle of champagne or your favourite wine to help yet in the mood, but always make sure it’s a sealed bottle – otherwise, she won’t know if anything has been added to the drink beforehand. Unfortunately, it does happen sometimes.

Should I tip my escort in London at the end of my visit?

It’s not a necessity to tip your escort but if you’re happy with the service you have received then, certainly, there’s no harm in it – and we’re sure it will be appreciated by your escort; to the extent, your next visit will be even more pleasurable.

Should I let my escort know if I have a health problem?

It is common sense – and definitely good etiquette that you should tell an escort in London before meeting her if you have a health condition such as a disease, cold, cut or a rash etc. Failure to let her know means she may fall prey to your condition too and for her, that also means no work as she wouldn’t want to pass any ailments on to her clients. Also, if you happen to have a disability of some sort then she needs to know that too so that she can make arrangements for you such as adjustments to her apartment.

We hope the above helped but if you’re not sure about something you should always feel free to ask your escort in London. You can also check out our website https://www.ajlondonescorts.co.uk for information or call us on 07501 911524.