Two Heads Are Better Than One

When it comes to fantasies and fetishes escorts know all too well about what people are thinking and really want to experience. We all have fantasies that range from vanilla to peculiar and everything in between.

Some of these fetishes and fantasies stay merely just fantasies for most of us because it can be difficult to find someone, or rather court someone who has the same fantasies or is willing to participate in yours. At AJ escorts we've mentioned in previous posts how we aim to make all our clients fantasies come true to the best of our abilities and if your fantasy is a threesome we're happy to tell you, we've got you covered.

For some people, the only thing better than an gorgeous London escort, is two London escorts. For males having a threesome with two women in one of the top 3 fantasies all over the globe which is a testament to just how much this naughty little fantasy is desired by men and it's not really hard to see why.

A woman can do so much in the bedroom but when you want different regions pleasured, or perhaps would like to show off your tongue skills on one bomb-shell while another beauty performs on you, then this can only be achieved through a threesome booking which we can make happen for you as you're the earliest convenience.

Threesomes for many clients are considered the holy-grail of encounters and something our clients repeatedly enjoy with threesome bookings is how both ladies, comfortable in each others presence and relaxing each other's nerves, tend to form a natural dominant bond and 'take over' their clients. If you feel like having two women give you their undivided attention and dominate you to the point you have no choice but to submit to the heaven encompassing you, then a booking with two of our professional and elite London escorts is exactly what you need.

The brilliant factor about threesomes is it allows you to experience different types of girls at once. So if you're browsing our catalogue of London escorts and can't seem to decide who you want between a busty blonde and a petite brunette, then you can choose to experience both.

Threesomes can be either similar or contrast. This means your booking can consist of, for example, our two lovely blonde bomb-shells Kelly and Chanel. Kelly and Chanel both have incredible figures and long blonde locks. However, if you go for a contrast booking this allows you to indulge in more than just your preference. So if you were to book two of our stunning models in a contrast threesome you could go for the long-legged blonde beauty Kelly with the beaming brunette Lucy.

If this is a fantasy you've had and really want to indulge or maybe you just haven't had two women for a while. simply pick up the phone and give our friendly members of staff a call or fill out our online booking form to get closer to your fantasies. Happy Booking!