Toy With Me

Sex toys are hugely popular and they're not just for solo play, although that's predominantly where they're used many couples and people just having sex tend to use sex toys to heighten the entire experience, increase the intensity of orgasms and explore sexuality more. Sex toys help you learn about yours and your partner's body and help you both reach a more fulfilling climax, and isn't that what we all want?

Today we thought we could go through a list of the top sex toys available on the market you could possibly use in your next booking to please your gorgeous London escort even more.

So without further ado, let's get into it from cheapest to most expensive, starting with:


Lelo Hex - £30 - 36 Pack

The world has changed, and now so has the condom. Described by media as the only innovation in condom technology in decades the Hex condom is innovation at it's finest. Stringed together by a bunch of seperate hexagon patterns the Lelo Hex is stronger, thinner and more pleasurable than any condom on the market.

Honeycombs are used in nature in beehives, the dragonflies use it and it's been described as natures go to shape for strength and lightness. Honeycombs are strong, symmetrical and even and the Hex condom allows for you to feel the real pleasure, closer than anything else on the market. It's the perfect condom for pleasure.


Luna Smart Bead - £95 - Deep Rose/Pink

The Smart Bead is a small controlled bead inserted in the vagina and made for the ultimate stimuli. It's designed almost as a smart peice of naughty tech and responds to your touch and feeling, heightening and settling the pleasure depending on what's right for you.

You can also control this manually and the smart bead comes in a deep rose or pink color. Vibrations in the smart bead respond to your touch and 'squeeze' and appropriately massage you depending on your response. A sexy and smart product indeed.


Tor 2 - £110 - Green/Black/Purple

Tor 2 is the ultimate cock-ring. Made for couples pleasure the ring slips very comfortably on the penis and vibrates to massage both you and your partner during sex. This heightens the pleasure intensely and as the tagline for the product reads 'She'll love you to be the bigger man'. This is a toy that benefits both parties involved and is available in green, black and purple.


Gigi - £120 - Deep Rose/Cool Gray/Pink/Turquoise

The world famous Gigi is a product designed specifically to give women the ultimate pleasure. The product is targeted to hit and massage the G-spot for an incredible climax.

Curved with a tip that points up specifically for the G-spot which can also be flipped to massage the clitoris, the Gigi is one of the best selling g-spot products of all time, and it won't be hard to feel why. Available in deep rose, cool gray, pink or turquoise so whatever your style, Gigi is your friend.

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