Toy With Me Part 2

In our last blog we talked about some fun toys that can be introduced in the bedroom or with your gorgeous London escort but with so many different toys on the market for different purposes, we thought why to stop with just one post when we can talk about some more fantastic toys on the market for you to play with. So continuing from cheapest to most expensive let's carry on with our list starting with:


Tiani 2 - £120 - Black/Deep Rose/Cerise

Designed as a couples toy this nifty little product sits in the vagina and pleases both parties involved. The product is award winning and features exclusive sense motion technology which allows you to control your sensation during your activities so you can control the intensity all through movements on a remove.

The product s described as giving her a better feeling and him a more intense feeling giving you both the ultimate climax you didn't even know you wanted.


Ora 2 - £145 - Midnight Blue/Black/Deep Rose

Ora 2 is an oral toy for women designed to replicate a tongue but work more efficiently, tirelessly and is described as the most intelligent oral sex stimulator you can buy. Thrillingly real sensation the toy has a built in rotar which mimics the sensation of a tongue moving around.

As the vibrations increase for a more than real feeling the product can be controlled by a remote that fits snugly in your hand. The more you squeeze the more intense the vibrations are. This smart tech won this sexy product the Prestigious Canned Lions award which is one of the worlds most celebrated awards for creativity.


IDA - £145 - Deep Rose/Black/Cerise

Another couples product the IDA is a remote controlled vibrator worn by women during the act. A perfect way for you and your gorgeous escort in London to enjoy the pleasures together and heighten the experience for both of you through the use of this nifty little product.

Available in deep rose, black and cerise and comes with a remote so you can control the pleasure and maintain it at a level your comfortable with. The product is soft and flexible and designed to be comfortable through any position.

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